Up 11 with 5 minutes to go

And you snap the ball with 28 seconds on the play clock? I get that it is an up tempo offense but if you run the clock and run the ball then maybe you punt but you give it to Rice to drive the field with an offense that’s really not very explosive. It’s hot in the first game of the year and you can run it down their throats and run the clock.
Yes the run game wasn’t impressive, but the clock is your friend at that time and you’re just about at midfield.

Instead you throw a sideways pass that gets fumbled and luckily doesn’t get returned for a quick score.

It’s like no one watched the Falcons give away the super bowl a few years ago.


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Three things:

  1. You shouldn’t try to sit on a lead unless you are up more than 3 scores with less than 3 minutes to play or you can go into the vivtory kneeldown.
  2. This was our 1st game and if we are going to play up tempo, we need to practice it all we can in real games.
  3. I’m with Dr. Khator when she told us at the KO event, “Take no prisoners!”

Easy for her to say when she’s not the one who takes the heat if the team loses. This team has played hurry up for several years. You practice it in practice, not when you’re in a dogfight. They could have run the clock under 4 minutes but instead gave it back to Rice with less than half the field.

Sitting on a lead isn’t good, but you also have to be smart enough as a coaching staff to know your opponent isn’t explosive and the only way you get them back in it is through a turnover.

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Playing not to lose or with fear leads to more losses than continuing to play the way you played to get ahead usually just adds more distance. A turnover can happen on every snap.


Remember the Memphis game last year?

And yet we complain if we go into a prevent defense. Ideally the prevent allows for shorter offensive gains requiring more plays to score meaning more time should come off the clock

I would necessary call the Herman offense a hurry up. It’s much more of a ball control spread.

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They were snapping the ball with the play clock at 26 seconds with a running clock. It’s long over now, and it’s not the play calling but when you’re snapping the ball. Don’t confuse the two.

Do you remember when we were running the air raid? It was common up until the last couple couple minutes.

Better get used to it in this offense.

Those days are gone. We are scoring every play we can from here on out. Period.


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