US News Graduate School national rankings

For UH:

Programs in the Top 80 highlighted in bold

Law School: tied for 54th
Bauer MBA: tied for 93rd
Engineering: tied for 73rd
Education: tied for 93rd
Chemistry: tied for 84th
Computer Science: tied for 101st
Earth Sciences: tied for 64th
Math: tied for 87th
Physics: tied for 103rd
Biological Sciences: tied for 139th
Economics: tied for 78th
English: tied for 77th
History: tied for 98th
Political Science: tied for 51st
Psycholology: tied for 98th
Pharmacy: tied for 44th
Clinical Psychology: tied for 87th
Social Work: tied for 38th
Speech-Language: tied for 69th
Public Affairs: tied for 146th
Fine Arts: tied for 82nd

Online Graduate Program: 2nd

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Which online grad program is ranked 2nd?

The only online program we have. There are about 400 students enrolled. I have no idead what they are studying.

Click on the link and navigate to it for more info.

It’s the Grad Education program which actually fell a spot after ranking #1 the past 2 years.

What were last year’s rankings?

Good to see Poli Sci is getting back on track. Had a professor awhile back who would lament the department being gutted by Texas S&M many moons ago.

Surprised the Engineering program isn’t higher and the Bauer boys need to step it up. How is the Architecture program? Didn’t see it.

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