UT demands refund from UH!

(Nick K) #1

ut chancellor McRaven just contacted Dr Khator

Conversation went something like, UH beat louisville, florida state and Oklahoma, Herman’s coaching hasn’t even been able to score an offensive TD vs Maryland. Todd Orlandos defense has given up 30 points in the first half and couldn’t stop alvin high school, the penalties are racking up in bunches from the lack of discipline…clearly you sold us expired goods!
we want our 2.5 million dollars back that we paid for this coaching staff and we demand you send us our old QB applewhite as well.

(Eric Prado) #2

I don’t mind UT threads in this forum but keep this trash off

(Nick K) #3

it’s called humor and if your still butt hurt that they stole coach herman maybe you shouldn’t be…clearly he’s not the coaching god he was made out to be.
perhaps applewhite was the bigger secret behind our success.

(steve saxenian) #4

UofHouston13Eric PradoRegular41m
I don’t mind UT threads in this forum but keep this trash off

Eric has it backwards. UT threads shouldn’t be allowed on this site but this kind of “trash” should be

(Eric Prado) #5

I don’t care abut Herman. I don’t want Herman threads on this board. Even this so called humor.

I don’t mind game threads on the board because eventually we could have a game against them. People talk football in those threads. They don’t trash talk.

(Ben B) #6

That isn’t trash. He reported on a phone call from UT to Khator.

(J V ) #7



I agree lol. In btw…


Too funny!

A Longhorn here in Austin said it best:

“More coaching, less kissing.”

(Mike Higdon) #10

Prado, you’re kidding…right?


(lol) They deserve it too! I had to watch the replay last night!


I only have one question. Who is better, Maryland or Kansas?

(Ben B) #13

Maryland. They are probably top 60 team, barely.

People keep hoping that San Jose State will beat UT. They are a team that ranks in the 100’s. UT should be able to beat them even when falling on their own faces. Still they then follow that game with a big one against USC. I look forward to seeing UT 1-2.

If I had to guess I would say that they actually will improve. They will go from 5-7 to 7-5. With Baylor being in the tank the horns will be able to get over .500.

(JohnnyCougar) #14

Best comment from a whorn:

“We’ve sucked cock since 2010. That’s a lot of cock!”

(J V ) #15

Where was Kansas ranked when IT lost to Kansas.

“We are Sparta”…