UTEP vs Arizona on ESPNews now


UTEP’s performance should give us a good idea of what to expect against Rice tomorrow night. Rice had a comfortable-but-not-a-blowout win against the Miners (who, btw, have one of my favorite helmets in CFB) and the Wildcats are big favorites in this one.


Arizona goes for it on 4th and Goal from the 2 and gets the TD. 7-0 Zona one play into the second quarter.

(Patrick) #3

Really like those UTEP helmets.

(Patrick) #4

Arizona’s moving the ball a little easier this week

(Patrick) #5

21-0 Arizona halfway through the 2nd.


Halfway through the second, Arizona is up 21-0 and the “U of A!” chants are starting in the Sun Bowl.

(Patrick) #7

28-0 now after a punt return TD. Beginning to think that UTEP is very, very bad.


IMPRESSIVE UA punt return capped off by a ridiculous spin move goes back for the score. 28-0.

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He was almost stopped, restarted to full speed then the nasty spin.

(Tom) #10

Anytime I see UTEP , I think Buckram,


28-6 after a missed XP.

Also, fun fact: UTEP hasn’t beaten a major-conference opponent since they beat Ole Miss in the Sun Bowl in 1967.


Absolutely incredible TD run from Dawkins puts Arizona up 35-6. UTEP has pulled their QB.


35-9 at half. If that A&M @ UCLA game hadn’t happened a couple weeks ago, I’d feel comfortable saying this one’s over.


Molly McGrath just ate tacos on camera and they looked delicious


UTEP is awful.


Does Arizona not have a kicker or something? They just went for it twice on 4th down in the last drive inside the 20. 56-16.


63-16 is the final. UTEP is bad. I kinda wish they"d scored another field goal so that we could see this board get all apopleptic when UTEP scored as many points as we did.


I like her. I wished it was her replacing Samantha Ponder in College Football with Herbie & gang.

(Mark Jacob) #20

I thought she was cute too. The games was an obvious blow out so they had to do something to keep viewer tuned in. I like tacos! UA win was good for UH. Go Coogs!!


UTEP is so bad

But if you want me to grant your wish, their offense did score as much as ours. They just didn’t convert their extra points and their defense didn’t score

Plus their 2 TDs were 66 and 76 yards. 1 of our TDs was a gift from special teams where we only had to go 16 yards.

Wish granted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: