(jimmyschofield) #1

Didn’t make a bowl game despite a 6-5 record. I’m wondering how true it was they turned us down for a game on Dec. 2. Had they won they definitely get into a bowl. Bet they regret that decision now?

(shharper01) #2

they didn’t like the uncertainty if we would win the West?

(Eric Prado) #3

Eh. That’s what they get for talking all that trash.


6-5 teams, even in money conferences, don’t deserve a bowl bid.


When there are 40 bowl games they do, this is the first time in a few years that they didn’t have to take a 5-7 team.


Too many bowl games, should have to get at least 7 wins to qualify

(Thomas Hitchcock) #7

only 5 loses and no bowl game…when was the last time a 5 loss team (not under sanctions) didn’t make a bowl?

(PortlandCoog) #8

That’s wild when they need 80 teams to fill the slots.

(PMM) #9

AND be at least 0.500 in their conference.



(PortlandCoog) #11

Too many bowls dilute the whole idea of bowls… it’s like CDs used to be cool until you got one every other day from AOL.


Because the pussification of America should not be allowed to continue and giving out “participation ribbons” for a sub-par to mediocre season is just @$$.


Thank you!! U need to earn a bowl, lol, like poster above, not everyone needs a participation trophy, and most of these lower bowls don’t draw well and they sure as hell don’t mean anything except xtra practice time


Bowls never “meant anything” until VERY recently. Bowl games are basically the NFL’s preseason games, but after the season instead. For a long swath of college football history, the National Champion was determined prior to Bowl Games. Award winners still are.

Further, I find it kind of ironic that a board that constantly complains about the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” widening seemingly wants to give schools that are already rich enough to pay for bodybag games an advantage in the form of more practice time.

Besides, I’m not gonna sit here and complain about free football. Nobody’s forcing us to watch the bad games.

(Pablo) #15

I think the only requirement should be for teams to finish the regular season with a winning record. No 6-6 teams should be playing in bowl games.

(Jimmy Morris) #16

Here is the problem with too many bowl games. Teams that had very mediocre years and very little traveling fan base even in good years get offers. Then the coach has to either tell the players they don’t deserve to play in a bowl or the school has to subsidize the lack of ticket sales/hotel room sales which sometimes ends up being a bigger bill than the school even gets for playing in the bowl game.

It’s a racket.

(Cristian) #17

Can someone explain why a 6-6 UT gets a good bowl in HOUSTON against a Missouri team where most of the stadium is sold out to UT? i dont get it.

(Jimmy Morris) #18

You answered yourself in your own question.

(Cristian) #19


(Ryon Adams) #20

I remember in back in 1980 we finished 6-5.

Guess what?

We TROUNCED 8-3 Navy 35-0 in our bowl. I was in third grade at the time.

So who the Hell says that 6-5 teams don’t deserve bowl bids?