Vegas Odds for King's Destination

SportsLine has posted their odds on Deriq’s destination. Article link here.

The odds for King start with LSU (+250), followed by Arkansas (+300), Miami (+500), Oregon (+600), Florida State (+800), Michigan State (+1500) and Oklahoma (+2000).

Beside Arky, kinda surprising he would get handed the job at those schools. Silver lining…play at UH and if you can’t cut it here…grad transfer to P5 and start!

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On the broadcast last night they talked about the complex passing game by LSU. It is not a make a read and run offense that he may be looking for.

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But those are BIG (understatement) shoes to fill.
Arkansas might give him some nice numbers but not as much exposure as LSU and he will be lucky to make a bowl game. Miami is intriguing but still think LSU. If he wants to make a splash, Sparty might make sense but that offense is not “sexy”. LSU or bust

At LSU he has to,learn a new system and beat out the back up. Let me know how that works out.

I bet he goes to arky, good luck making a bowl but he will,put up good numbers. Just look at the success at FSU for him to see what may come.


Arky makes some sense but he is going to LSU.

King will not be playing QB at LSU next season! If he does transfer to LSU as a QB, he will not play, at WR, maybe.


My Magic 8 ball is not clear on position – only the destination.

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He’s not going to LSU (or anywhere else) to play WR.

Arkansas makes the most sense. UH makes the most sense, but if he’s gonna leave, I’m gonna say he goes and reunites with Briles.

Don’t care…+20,000,000 !


University of Phoenix not listed?


I’m a King fan but there’s way too much hype around this guy. He’s currently number 4 in Vegas preseason Heisman. That is preposterous. He basically has as much hype as Jalen Hurts did on the transfer market except oh yeah Jalen Hurts did things like win a national championship and a bowl game and a conference championship.

This is nothing personal I objectively hope he stinks up the joint wherever he goes. We don’t need this story hanging over our head as a program anymore once the season starts.


he will go wherever he can put up big numbers for 2020… we werent world beaters when he had 50 TD’s but everyone was talking about him and had the hype. He will probably end up in Arkansas… put up some numbers in Briles offense and everyone will talk abt him again. Will get drafted and cash some checks in the NFL , like all the other ones before him. I am just glad the drama is over and we can move on.


I don’t gamble, but if I did, I would bet on Arkansas.

I would have too until I heard LSU from my west coast sources

Nope. LSU just lost their OC to the Pros. Besides, as I said on another thread, did you see the passes by BOTH QBs last night ?
Pinpoint Accuracy.
Every Pass.
Did any of you see any of that from King last year ? I didn’t…
Not going to LSU.


Briles is behind this entire charade.


It would be in his best interest to transfer at WR. That’s his best chance of playing at the next level. See Greg Ward.

King has a much better arm than Ward. Accuracy was an issue last year, though.

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