Video of 95 point game vs SMU?


Why is this not on youtube?

(Mike Higdon) #2

I think they must have a ban on showing mass carnage…

(Patrick) #3

We were banned from TV that year so the only video would be game film from either of the Universities.


(Head slap) That’s right!

Doubt either school would be eager to release it. Though, a few years ago someone was selling DVDs of past games on the forums. Anybody know if that game was included?

Also, anyone got a box score/stats for the game? All I can find are articles about it.

(Patrick) #5

Might be in the Chron archives; I’ll see if I can find it in there.

I sort of wish that UH would release videos of their old games that they have the rights to. I’d pay a fee to subscribe to a service like that. Be fun to watch Phi Slama Jama games or past football games.

I do wonder about gamefilms though. Wonder if the University has those or if the coaches kept them. I remember when Horn coach left that he still had all his UH binders and game plans on his shelf in his office in Austin. Wouldn’t be surprised if he kept the films as well.

(PMM) #6

Yes, he probably keeps thinking “ I know I can do this, I know I can do this” and
“ Damn, I better never lose Todd Orlando “ !!!


Professor Bott did have the game film on his list. I should have got it.

I know some are embarrassed about that score. I’m not. I was at that game and did a lot of research on it.

I know our roster and offensive situation. I know how the stupidity of Forrest Gregg contributed. I know everything we did to keep the score down. I refuted every wrong myth and every unknowing suggestion of how we could have kept the score down.

I dont think we could have done much more to keep the score down without risking player safety and risking the rest of our season unless we did like Notre Dame and just run out of bounds

(PMM) #8

SMU got exactly what they deserved in that game !!!

Nothing personal to the players, but the asshats that got them there definitely deserved it.

No pity party from me then, and definitely not now !!


I agree, but one of the problems with that logic is we were on probation too with scholarship restrictions. That was one of the reasons some of our starters were in the whole game. That and 7 WRs out with injuries forcing Anders to play WR forcing Spoon to play most of the game having more yards per carry than we had yards per pass attempt

(PMM) #10

Our “alledged” violations under CBY were baby crap compared to what SMU supporters and administrators perpetrated !!!

(Patrick) #11

Yep. They basically were running SMU football as a professional team with most of their kids on some kind of salary and many SMU alums in government positions knew about it. The reason they got the death penalty was because it wasn’t the first time.

SWC should have booted them when they got the death penalty.

(PortlandCoog) #12

SMU tried to run A&M’s endless blitzing defensive scheme against us without A&M’s athletic ability (aka: dumb!). It cost them dearly. Klinger was pulled at half time. I understand the rationale at the time for doing what we did, but it didn’t do us any favors. We should have stopped passing and just run the ball in second half.

I am sure someone will feel the desire to re-state the rationale in this thread, but it hurt us more than it helped.

(PMM) #13

Their defense was the bump and run against our receivers (stupid move by Gregg), they ran the R&S as in 3 incomplete passes followed by a punt taking 25 seconds off the game clock (stupid move by Gregg).

SMU should not have been playing D1 ball that year…stupid move by SMU.

Andre Ware was the UH QB. As I recall we ran the ball exclusively for about the last 15 minutes of the game.

Vegas had us favored by 72 points in some casinos…we won by 72 points…Hummmmm !

Screw SMU !!!

(PortlandCoog) #14

My bad, it was Ware. Klingler came in 2nd half.


And didn’t UH not have a 3rd QB on the roster that year (or maybe trying to redshirt a freshman or two) so there was no taking Klingler out either?

Plus, SMU was trying to run the R&S on offense too if I remember correctly. Thus, they weren’t burning a lot of clock when they had the ball.


Correct. Only 2 QBs and 2 RBs on the roster, 1 of those RBs playing WR


They were carp when compared to what UT was doing. UT was putting players on the state payroll in fake jobs where their only “job duty” was to pick up their pay check.

(Patrick) #18

Found a box score for the game…not the greatest quality and I’m still looking, but it’s a start. Found it in an archive of the Galveston Daily. Click it to open the full image. (Edit) Replaced the image with one I found from the Statesman that was much clearer.

Article from the LA Times the day after:

Houston Coach Jack Pardee actually seemed to try to keep the score down. He pulled Ware at the half, pulled his first-string defense in the first quarter and used three walk-on receivers.

Pardee also let the clock run out when the Cougars had the ball on SMU’s 17. Mustang Coach Forrest Gregg was not amused.

“For someone to try to build their stats and build their reputation against a bunch of freshmen . . . I hope they really feel proud of their accomplishments,” Gregg said.

“I don’t really appreciate that. There is not a whole lot I can do about it, but it is just an experience you remember.”

Oddsmakers established Houston as a 58 1/2-point favorite, which is spreading it a little thick. The Cougars had 14 scoring drives and only one took as long as three minutes. Four took 45 seconds or less.

As the game ended, Pardee and Gregg met at midfield and shook hands and in the locker room afterward, Pardee said there wasn’t anything more he could have done to keep the score down.

“I’ve been dreading this game all year,” Pardee said. “It was a no-win situation for us. We can’t have our players go out and do less than their best.”

In 1969, the Cougars of Bill Yeoman scored beat Tulsa, 100-6, and Pardee said the century mark was certainly within reach again.

“If we wanted 100, we could have had 100,” he said. “We chose not to.”


Critics alway say we should have run the ball more to keep the score down. I wont go into the player safety issue of running only 2 RBs into a stacked box where we have 5 trying to block 7 because Gregg refused ti drop more players into mid and deep coverage.

But lets just counter that argument with stats. Hard to read, but i think we had 12.9 yards per carry vs 12.6 yards per pass attempt

(PMM) #20

That year was all about smu being on a pity tour !!! Forgive us for our sins !!