Watching Memphis and UCF


Both are bigger and faster than we are. Also saw a good bit of Tulsa and Navy. Tulsa is improved and Navy is still Navy. Haven’t seen SMU but imagine they too are improved. This may be a long season.


5th in the West is certainly possible, I said it before the season started. It very well may be probable if we keep this “Swing left, swing right, QB draw” offense.

(Tom) #3

Chad Morris has SMU in really good shape, all phases. 5th in west is more like it,

(Ben) #4

Really hate to agree, but I do . . . . .

(Russel ) #5

I think we’re in a battle with Lsu for worst looking offense lol

(Tom) #6

LSU may have picked the wrong chips as well. Glad UCF is not on the regular schedule…this team’s energy reminds of UH 2015

(Ricky ) #7

Good UCF looks good. It’s too bad their coach is gonna leave like every other AAC coach

(gpropes) #8

Yep, I’d be shocked if Frost isn’t at Nebraska next year.

(J V ) #9

Is taking it to Memphis. Scott Frost is their KK.

(Tom) #10

Not if the Aggies don’t get to him first and throw a boatload of money at him

(J V ) #11

My son is at Nebraska Law and says all they talk about is Frost. They will throw just as much money as ATM and he will give them the alum discount.

(Al) #12

Couple of alums tell me the same thing. AAC will lose another coach–no doubt about it.

(Albert) #13

He is a Nebraska guy. He won’t go anywhere else but Nebraska. However, I doubt he will have the same success at Nebraska as he is having at ucf. Fl is just loaded with talent. Who wants to go to Lincoln these days?

(Jimmy Morris) #14

More than half the kids they signed had offers from P5 schools in California or Florida. Including 3 kids from Cali and 3 kids from Florida.

(Patrick) #15

That’s how they always recruited under Osborne. Get the big farmboys from Nebraska to man the lines and recruit CA and FL for the skill positions.

(PortlandCoog) #16

This one surprises me.

The American ain’t no joke.

(PortlandCoog) #17

(PortlandCoog) #18

OK, happy hour is over. He just got a vacation. Tired of it and I’ve gotten multiple complaints.

(PortlandCoog) #19