We are #1 in Duke’s opinion

Could this be the mystery ACC team we are expected to schedule?


Neat article.

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That’s crazy I think the closest we were to playing them was in 2008 under penders in a tourney where we lost the opening game to Georgia Southern.

Duke obviously would be our #1 school we haven’t played.

This is just off the top of my head but schools I have no recollection of playing other than Duke:

-Oklahoma I honestly don’t remember playing the Sooners. Surely we must have.

  • St Johns
  • Michigan State
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • West Virginia

Maybe we have played them, I just don’t remember it.

We played the Sooners back in 2011 I believe

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Well, we are here. Just schedule us. We will accept the challenge


You are correct we did play Oklahoma. I had completely forgotten that game. Here is a list of our all time record against schools. You could have won a bet with me by saying that SMU was the school that we have played the most and that A&M was number 2.

We have played Indiana, I have no recollection of that game.

I didn’t realize we are 0-5 against Georgetown. I remember one particular loss against the Hoyas.

Interesting that the top 2 are in the AAC.

Obviously, Duke has a limited travel budget as they rarely leave the East Coast. That will have to change if they are to play UH.

CKS has stated as much.

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The best way to play Duke is in the NCAA Tournament.

Hopefully for the National Championship.


Won’t they be on probation from the Zion Williamson recruiting scandal🙄


Well, someone might be😎

But not Duke.


We also played the 2009-10 season and beat them. That team was so up and down, it was so frustrating until the conference tournament.


We also have played at St. John’s at Carnesecca Arena. I forget what year.

  • OU - We are 1-2 against OU
  • St Johns - We are 0-1 ('89-90 season)
  • Michigan State - We are 1-0 ('71-72 season)
  • Tennessee - We are 2-3 against the real UT
  • Indiana - We are 0-1 ('72-73 season)
  • West Virginia - Never played
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