We haven't discussed temporary bleachers in a while


Saw this gem today on Twitter and thought I’d get ya’lls opinion:

(PMM) #2

As long as it is for the horns !!

(Cristian) #3

Bahaha i want them to interview the people who got the very top row and ask them why.


For the sway


Two things: 1) It looks like we’ll get off the hook for bleachergate with this stunt. 2) If we don’t get off for it, we can at least blame it on Russian collusion.

(Marcus) #6

Ha! I saw this on Twitter and my thought was to go check Coogfans

(Coogs93) #7

The first time I saw this, I thought it was a joke and some sort of photoshop. Who would want to sit up there? And could you even see the game/match?


Just in case you need a reason not to visit Mother Russia.