We just did what Coach Yeoman asked us to do

(itcoog) #1

Hit 20,000 in season tickets for football.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #2

(Ben B) #3

20K Boom!


This is totally awesome!! Even sooner than I expected. Stand proud Cougar Nation, you have done well !.
(Now we need to get to 25K,… our work is never done).
Go Coogs!!!

(Mike Higdon) #5

What was our largest season ticket count in the last 20 years prior to TDECU? I remember days when we were less than half full in the Rob. We’ve come a long way.

(shharper01) #6


Whole rows are open in the north side 300 level. The ticket office said they keep some back, and when I called yesterday, I was able to get better seats than you could find online. I hope the deadline causes more, like me, to buy now to secure OU tickets for a very reasonable price.




20K, good stuff!


awesome…now let’s take care of business and beat Ohio!..Go Coogs!

(Jim Murphy) #10

Don’t you mean beat Oklahoma?


Look at HY’S tweet more closely. We’re obviously playing Ohio.




Hunter definitely Cooged it with the typo in that tweet.:laughing:

(Cary) #14

Probably auto-corrected from OU to OH on his phone.


especially after an “UH” bad autocorrect…uh-oh!!!


Frank Solich’s team is gonna be tough to beat at NRG.:grin:


My dad is joining the HTownTakeover this year!! He came to the Memphis game and was blown away. Going to the ticket office to be 20,001 lol



Not to be a party popper, but i hope ticket buyers show up. Regardless of opponent or time of game.

Let the excuses begin.

(Bill F.) #20

Seems a little weak for a celebration of 20K people, but whatever.