Week 10 Bowl Projections

(Patrick) #1

Sports Illustrated: Frisco: Houston vs. Middle Tennessee
CBS Sports: Frisco: Houston vs. Ohio
Sporting News: Hawaii: Houston vs. Utah State
SB Nation: Frisco: Houston vs. Wyoming
Bleacher Report: Frisco: Houston vs. UTSA
ESPN: Bad Boy Gasparilla Bowl: Houston vs. Marshall
ESPN: Birmingham: Houston vs. Cal
CFN: Frisco: Houston vs. Louisiana

(Mark) #2

I don’t think the Frisco is going to happen since SMU is also bowl eligible, Birmingham vs some 6-6 SEC squad is much more likely.


FWIW, I would rather we play a 5 or 6 loss Cal team than a low loss CUSA or Sunbelt team.

Years from now when we look back on our bowl record, is anyone going to care that we beat Cal-Berkeley, who barely qualified for a bowl game?

What they (or we) are going to remember is that we beat a team from the PAC-12 in a post season bowl game.

It’s about reinforcing our reputation, recruiting and the optics associated with beating a P-5 team. On the flip side, losing to a P-5 team is a little more palatable than losing to CUSA.

(J V ) #4

I think people remember if UH wins or loses it bowl game and what the record was at the end of the season. Not the team or conference played.

Not crazy about the bowl predictions, I would go to Frisco but not Birmingham.

The matchup with Ohio would be interesting in our household as my wife is an Ohio grad.

(Cary) #5

Typically conferences send the team with the poorest attendance to a remote bowl, because it doesn’t matter. That is why a lot of people expect SMU to go to Hawaii. Poor attendance, rich alumni, they can afford the trip even though most won’t go.

(Chris) #6

I am all for a P5 opponent and a major beat down if possible. Major P5’s are not going to want to play us. They know that they can lose against us and are afraid of us. We win big against a P5 and we send a message. We beat a non P5 opponent? This will have no impact.


Actually, after a year or so, most bowls are basically entirely forgotten. Do you think Vanderbilt still cares that they beat us a couple years back?


UH fans remember the Penn State, Pittsburgh and Florida State bowl victories and I’m quite certain that the opposing fans haven’t forgotten those losses.

Who we play is important. Who wants a bowl game with Marshall, Ohio or Mid Tenn State? It’s a step backwards, not forward.

(J V ) #9

I get your point that it’s important to fans but for college football fans it boils down to record and outside of its fans most wont recall who it was played against. It is more important we win the bowl game, regardless of who we play.

(Ryon Adams) #10

Sure wish it could be the Hawaii Bowl. I live in Hawaii and could actually make that one.


This can be argued due to the fact that we don’t know what a “step forward” necessarily means to the program. Us beating up on P-5 schools is ultimately supposed to accomplish what? A Big 12 bid? A boost in recruiting? We may see a spike in recruiting, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most fans want to beat a P-5 school to inflate a sense of belonging. I don’t think that’s important at this point. I think the media does a well enough job of perpetuating our school as a program opposing schools shouldn’t play.

There are two sides to that coin. One, we beat P-5 schools and recruiting spikes. Two, we beat P-5 schools, recruiting spikes, but they do not schedule us out of fear. I think we need to balance who we play. The entire country knows we belong. We just need to keep winning 9-12 games each season. The image, money, recruits, and conference bids will take care of itself.

(Cary) #12

You at PACOM or Schofield? PM me. I work for PACOM.


I’d like to see a rematch with SDSU in the Frisco Bowl.


Bad Boy Gasparilla Bowl?

WTH is that?

(Cary) #15

Branding… Mower company. Commercial grade mowers. Gasparilla is a pirate festival in Tampa…

(Jim Fletcher) #16

Out of this list give me Birmingham vs.Cal or Frisco vs. Wyoming.


Heart of Dallas could be a possibility too as the Big 12 probably wont have a team for it.

(Ryon Adams) #19


I’m up at Schofield (US Army Pacific Headquarters).

I go to PACOM HQ at Camp Smith quite often for meetings though.