Week 11 bowl projections: Are the Cougars Frisco bound? Longhorns-Aggies on

(Patrick) #1

David M. Hale: Houston vs. UCLA in Birmingham Bowl
Kyle Bonagura: Houston vs. UAB in Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl

CBS Sports
Frisco: Houston vs. Ohio

Sports Illustrated
Frisco: Houston vs. Middle Tennessee

USA Today
Boca Raton: Houston vs. Marshall

Sporting News
Hawaii: Houston vs. San Diego State

SB Nation
Frisco: Houston vs. Middle Tennessee

Bleacher Report
Frisco: Houston vs. Appalachian State

(Patrick) #2

AAC Asst Commish for Communications Director

(Chris) #3

I am all for playing UCLA or any P5. Every other listed option equals to a “silent” bowl.


Boca Raton is the Queens NY of Florida.


Is that good or bad? I’ve never been to Boca Raton but I’ve Googled pictures and ready to go on those alone! lol


Of those, my choices would be 1) UCLA, 2) San Diego State, 3) none of the above.

Our bowl tie-ins are not too exciting, obviously. The Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl sounds like one of those fake bowl games you make up, like The Miss Jessie’s Chicken Ranch/Joe’s Crab Shack Bowl.

(Ricky ) #7

Playing UCLA would be pretty cool, but I want redemption for what happened last year in Vegas

(Bryant Hargrave) #8

Good order. After UCLA and SDSU, everything else might be a “reward” for the players. But it’s all punishment for the fans.


Does anybody know the payouts for the Birmingham, Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla, Hawaii and Frisco Bowls?

(Patrick) #10

Birmingham - $900K
Hawaii - $650K
Gasparilla Bowl - $537,500
Boca Raton - $400K
Frisco - ???

(Cary) #11

Does it really matter? It goes to the conference and then is distributed evenly to the 12 football schools.

(Chris) #12

Forbes had a good explanation last year. It clearly explains to everyone what the cfp cartel is all about
Review the payouts of the following bowls:
ACC - BIG10, SEC or ND - Orange
Cotton -
SEC and small12 Sugar
PAC12 and BIG10 Rose

We get the crumbs but our taxes go to these same P5 Schools. These contracts should be deemed illegal on the basis of tax distribution.

Here is an article of public funding in higher education.

So the FBI is going after shoes reps and “certain” basket ball programs but nothing about the cfp?
Should not we demand where our taxes go to?
Why should we fund a School but be excluded from that same School from competing?
We pay taxes but we have no chance at getting the same rewards?
What is going on here?

Maybe we should send:

That’s right there is some unsavory stuff going on.


It would be interesting to add up how much lost revenue UH and the city has missed out on since the exclusion began in 1997. Its got to be over a billion dollars.