Week 12 bowl projections for Houston, other Texas schools and AAC

(Patrick) #1

Kyle Bonagura: Houston vs. UCLA in Birmingham Bowl
David M. Hale: Houston vs. Marshall in Gasparilla Bowl

CBS Sports
Frisco: Houston vs. Ohio

Sporting News
Hawaii: Houston vs. Fresno State

Sports Illustrated
Hawaii: Houston vs. San Diego State

NBC Sports
Frisco: Houston vs. Central Michigan

SB Nation
Frisco: Houston vs. UNLV

Orlando Sentinel
Frisco: Houston vs. Utah State

More not listed in the article:

Bleacher Report
Frisco: Houston vs Arkansas State

USA Today
Boca Raton: Houston vs Marshall

Orlando Sentinel
Frisco: Houston vs Utah State


Gawd…hope it’s UH v UCLA in Birmingham…good combination of P5 opponent and drivable distance. A win would be good momentum going into next season


The way this team plays I don’t think a win against UCLA or anyone else is in the future. This is a 6-7 team.

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On the plus side: UCLA has one of worst rush defenses in country & just fired it coach.

(Patrick) #5

Normally an SEC vs. ACC bowl, most projections have them looking for two schools as one or both conferences will probably be unable to fill it. Could be a chance for the Coogs to play a P6 school…maybe even a rematch vs. FSU as some of the latest projections have the Seminoles ending up there.

(Ryon Adams) #6

I hope that it’s the Hawaii bowl!


Don’t want to play UCLA. Josh Rosen would hit 95% of his passes against our defense and we would likely give up more points than we did to Memphis.

(Al) #8

Rosen was taken out of their last game for “precautionary” reasons after getting slammed hard on a tackle, and so that he would be healthy to play in a bowl. Would be a tough game if he is healthy.

(shharper01) #9

@indybowl would be awesome!

(Jimmy Morris) #10

If we played Texas, the only TDs would probably be from the defenses.

(Dustin K) #11

I agree Indy bowl would be a great choice. Something we could travel to and good payout. Also, coming the week between Christmas and New Years, I can see people taking off for that game.


SDSU revenge game!