Week 12 Polls

We’re back to first team out in both the AP and Coaches Polls. Louisville is #3 in both polls.

Coaches: http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/football/polls/coaches-poll/2016/12/
Coogs have 60 votes…52 back of #25 SDSU. UH has the most votes of any AAC team as USF/Navy both have 43. Other G5: Western Michigan #21, Boise State #23, SDSU #25, Troy 28 votes, Toledo 3 votes.

AP: http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll/2017/12
Coogs have 49 votes…14 back of #25 Troy. UH again has the most votes of any AAC team as Navy received 20 and USF received 8. Other G5: Western Michigan #14, Boise State #22, SDSU #24, Troy #25, Western Kentucky 11 votes.

No votes in the FWAA-NFF:

How in Gods green earth are the Gaggies still ranked? 7-3 and they’re #22!!!

UH votes:
16 - 1
19 - 2
21 - 2
22 - 1
23 - 1
24 - 3
25 - 2

Sigh, the committee’s infatuation with A&M knows no bounds. The AAC not having 1 team ranked is a slap in the face at this point.

Barry Alvarez…I mean the committee…loves them some Big 10 football.

Boise leapfrogging Western Michigan is some grade A horsehockey.

I don’t understand how Florida State is ranked so highly.

It is all part of the plan. I am convinced that all the teams outside of the top 4 are positioned specifically to make the case for their top 4.

It is beyond ludicrous that Clemson and Michigan both lost to unranked teams and didn’t drop out of the top 4. Michigan didn’t even move at all! Louisville should be #3 at a minimum right now.

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