We've brought the Heisman Trophy to Houston, Texas. And to the University of Houston!

Happy 30th anniversary to the Heisman Trophy Winner Andre Ware!

Of note, the 1989 Bayou Bucket Game also turned out to be the final game for Andre Ware and HC Jack Pardee for UH.


And the SWC!!

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It still feels like it was yesterday. Andre did it while not being on tv the entire season. He received very little press until we pushed the Ware the Heisman campain t-shirt. I still have mine. The rice, uta and atm folks clearly voiced their displeasure. Keep in mind that Andre being black was another insult to them. We were on probation but uta made it clear to the ncaa to get us down as much as they could. The 1990 season was awesome and yes David should have won a second Heisman for U of H. You all know who put the brakes on that one.
Just look where David finished.

Just look where BYU finished vs U of H.

Yes finishing 10th is another scandal altogether.
The H, here is the chronicle article.

I had a couple of classes with Andre. He was quiet and never had a “campus star” attitude. That is what happens when you have a great(s) parent(s)
Andre’s pro career was derailed from the get go by his own Lions HC, Wayne Fontes. The Ford family wanted Andre. Fontes did not want him at all. He got injured and this was the begining to the end of his pro career. David landed in a bad situation too. Yes friends you need a ton of luck in the NFL.
Thank you for posting TheH.


Great post Chris…Wayne Fontes was a moron…he was gonna play the other kid (WVA, Pitt ? I forget…), no matter what, who literally could not pass at all…


Pleasure Kendall. As you know both QB were very talented. You do not throw for so many yards, completed passes and TD’s while being a “card board figure” Just imagine if Andre HAD played for the Oilers. I thought about it for a quite a while. Warren was a legend so we will never know. The same can be said for David. NFL HC’s that try to “change” a QB best attributes are bond to failure and will get canned in the process. The NFL HC/QB’s relationship is another definition for insanity.

I think it was Rodney Peete from USC who usually started, and Erik Kramer was in the mix, too.

My recollection is that Fontes went against his scouts’ advice in drafting Ware. Fontes was just completely inept at evaluating and developing QBs.

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Yup Rodney Peete…