What happened with Scout


I welcome everyone as well. It makes me feel very good that CoogFans lives on.

(Chris Summers) #22

Glad to see another board. I’ll join this one as well. I was chrisinaustin on the other board and was always bothered that I couldn’t ever change it. I live in Corpus now so my new handle is coogs93 which is when I got my first UH degree.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #23

Glad to see other ‘old guys’ hanging out here!

(Sam) #24

I can tell you the sentiment on the other board is basically mass migration over here, primarily, it seems, because of the sense of community and the fact that Cougars run Fans and even donate to the program. I’m going to read what Sellers has to say because the guy does get inside information, e.g., he recently divulged where UH ranked in respect to one of the research firms hired by the Big 12, he told subscribers on Cullen Blvd. some info about defensive line personnel one would never know, and he said which of the six or seven Cedar Hill bluechippers UH likes best–not the highest rated one–and may have a shot to sign. Coach Wyatt is recruiting him. I do like to get as much UH Intel as I can regardless of the source. But even so, Fans will always be my first board and have my loyalty.

(PortlandCoog) #25

I like Sellers and have met him, and I think he’s basically a decent dude. However, he did alienate some folks with his Herman flap and I think his response was not great either to said flap. And the abrupt drop-off of premium content on Rivals also alienated some folks. Still though we don’t take issue with Sellers getting hired to do a job.

Now Scout is another story. They offered us no technical support, forced a terrible new theme that users hated that helped drive traffic down, offered no response to user complaints, and then basically blamed Coogfans.com — all while raking in and keeping half the money Coogfans raised from premium subscriptions.

Then how they did the site transition was underhanded, as we were tying to find out what the plan was and they would not respond. Then they threw everyone overboard without warning on June 1st. Likewise they will not be donating to Cougar Pride. Sellers also is in charge of Rice and A&M I believe.

Regardless, our focus is on moving forward making this site and community as great as possible. The platform we use is designed from the ground up to build community and we have much more latitude to respond to users. So we are excited!


What about Twitter acct “Coogfans”? Run by this site or the others!

(Ryon Adams) #27

It looks to me like CougarDigest 241 viewers at roughly 10:00pm Houston time on a Sunday, so I don’t see this site completely siphoning off the viewership of the other.

If anything, there are probably a lot more people who will now post on both as opposed to one or the other.

(Mike) #28

Thanks. I woke up and just went straight to Scout. The guy asked me if there was a reason I was cancelling my subscription. I replied, yes there was.


Could it be that some remained signed in to their accounts even when not using the digest. I am guilty of that…

(PortlandCoog) #30

Browser and DNS cache on your device can cause the old site to come up, it’ll stop eventually. :sunglasses:

(Coogs93) #31

Made my way over and it is nice to have a couple of different boards to read, I will probably just starting hanging out over here.

(Chris) #32

Pray10, your point was very well understood. I am glad to be here. I
will try to email others to join/rejoin CoogFans.

(itcoog) #33

Where is Coog51? We are saving his username for him…


Wow, new digs… hey, guys.


I am here, very cool new site.

(itcoog) #36

Welcome Brother 51.

(PortlandCoog) #37

There he is!

(Houstone22) #38

What is going on guys? Good to see some familiar names. I’m formerly known as Houstone22. I like this format better so I decided to create a profile.


Glad to be here as well.

(itcoog) #40

Welcome my Cougar Brother!