What happened with Scout

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We had a long relationship with Scout.com. However…

…through the years we became frustrated with their technology lagging way behind the state of the internet. For whatever reason, Scout would often ignore our pleas for improvements and changes.

When they forced the new theme on the users, which many did not like it at all, traffic slowly starting dropping off and after a couple of years traffic had dropped significantly. Scout noticed, and sadly, somewhat blamed Coogfans.com. They decided to part ways with us and hire someone who is running all the Houston area.

Scout also was cagey and vague about what they were going to do with the site, and literally booted everyone on June 1st without much warning. We knew they were going to be changing, but they didn’t give us any warning about how they were going to do it.

Scout will also NOT be donating to Cougar Pride.

We wish them well, however, now that Coogfans.com is a sole independent entity, we have much more latitude to create a better experience, respond to feedback and be better all the way around.

Thanks for continuing the journey with us.

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How do I upload my avitar?

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Please see this to upload an avatar.

(Mike Higdon) #5

OK, so I was signed up on the Premium Boards on the old site. Does my subscription automatically go to them? Is there a subscription charge for the new Coogfans?

(itcoog) #6

Hey Red!

Welcome! The subscription money goes to Scout. We will move to an ad-free premium model in the future, but for now everything is free here.

(Mike Higdon) #7

OK. Well, glad to have another board. I guess I will keep the Scout site too because of the links to other team boards I may wish to check out sometimes. Good luck on your new endeavor.

(Mike) #8

How do we notify Scout that we do not plan to renew? Last year I got hit with the renewal fee with no advanced notice. I planned to renew anyway (then) but a little warning would have been appreciated. Now, I wait till you guys get everything worked out - and enjoy the free ride.

(itcoog) #9

I would recommend to contact Sellers and stay on him about the renewal. He has all the tools and info to cancelling your account.


So who are the mods in this joint? And no, I dont want to be one.

(Ryon Adams) #11

Ok. So here I am on yet another UH fan board!

(itcoog) #12

There are no mods per say… At the moment as we increase traffic that will change.


Cool. Back to the future like the old Flash.net days!

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(Nathan) #15

What’s old is new again! Woo-hoo!!! I never much cared for the transition to Scout anyway.


Good to be here with the old gang.

Formerly known as HotelCoogNewYork. Now more than an industry, more than a single city. We honor the past by keeping the letters.


I really think traffic dropped because the Rivals site had better premium content and less drama from moderators. I actually always found the Scout layout and separation of sports to be better than Rivals but the info was much stronger w/Sellers. One person’s opinion of course but something to consider as you launch the site.

(PortlandCoog) #18

We have the metrics that prove the new theme contributed mightily to the drop off. And the hundreds of complaint messages.

Regardless Scout was incredibly difficult to work with and they all but ignored us on the technology issues.

(PortlandCoog) #19

To your point about moderating, we will be striving for clearer rules, and more consistent moderation across the board (pun intended). This forum has much better tools for moderating that are less severe to help keep things civil and on track.

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Hello all, glad to see Coogfans back up and running.

Go Coogs!