What if I told you

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…not all quarterbacks receive a fair trail, but can win by proving the jury right? ESPN 30 for 30 A Quarterback’s Case.

It’s snow day 2018. Give me your best shot.


He hasn’t won the Superbowl yet buddy. lol :blush:


What part of Keenum’s career hasn’t been fair? He’s been with three franchises: Texans, Rams and Vikings. He’s been good enough to be a backup and now is flourishing as a starter. Call it maturity, confidence or an offense that compliments his skill set, but he’s had a fair shot at a career. This run by the Vikings with him at the helm is amazing and I hope they beat the Eagles to move on to the Super Bowl.


His shot with the Texans wasn’t fair. Too many longhorn and Aggies season ticket holders to have a Coog running the offense.

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You don’t really believe that do you?

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This is a joke right? Please tell me that I’m just missing some sarcasm

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Sorry I meant judged fairly in his ability to play and lead a team.

But I also didn’t expect this to turn in to this. I was just hoping others would give me their shot at a 30 for 30 for case, ha.


I try not to but it sure seemed that way.


Clearly Case has improved and the game has slowed down for him. You can see that in how his completion percentage has improved over time.

Look - Case was thrown to the wolves a bit in 2013. Arien Foster was hurt. The starting TE was hurt. A couple of defensive players were lost for the season.

Hell, Kubiak had a stroke at halftime of what was brewing to be an upset of the Colts, and Wade had to take over. Sure - Case went 0-8 that year, but I don’t think Troy Aikman could have done much better than 2-6 under those circumstances.

Case Keemum is now 21-10 as a starter since 2014. That’s 67%.

Here are the other QBs who have won 67% of their starts since 2014 (minimum 10 starts):

Tom Brady 81%
Tony Romo 76% - retired
Peyton Manning 76% - retired
Drew Stanton 69%
Ben Roethlisberger 68%

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I think you can do the 30 for 30 for Case right now with last week’s game as the finale (if he loses this week, otherwise, you can do the finale with wherever they finish…hopefully the Super Bowl).

Coach’s son from Abilene that had a great high school career, but only received one offer. Had to platoon early in college, but then broke every record in college. Undrafted, became a journeyman before landing in Minnesota where he’s led the Vikings to the NFC Championship. Hell, forget 30 for 30, you can make a Disney movie out of his story.

Working Title: Making a Case

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His problem with the Texans the first time was no OL, no RB, no TE, and only 1 WR and an OC that wanted him to stay in a non-existent pocket, then straight-jacketed him with uber-conservative play calling.

His problem with the Texans the second time was a coach who really didn’t want him, even after he came out of a tree to win his last two games.


You need to copyright that immediately!

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I don’t think Case wants his parents showing people how Case was made.


Don’t judge. :flushed:


Bingo…true cougarrick! Case has not had a fair shake. The Texans, Rams, or might I say the Vikings as well?!! The only reason he is in there is because of an injury and people were waiting for him to make a huge mistake to scream “take him out”…the only difference is…He as finally shown them who CASE KEENUM really is because he had the time to bond with his teammates like he did at UH and the world IS NOW AWARE how great he really is…Just wait until he wins the Superbowl and you watch what the Aggies and the Horns say on the radio stations in this town…("…It was just luck…", “…the widerecievers, defense, and the runningbacks did it…”, “…still a backup QB that just managed a team to the Superbowl win like Trent Dilfer…”, “…He still should make 3 mil and that is it…”, “…Sam Bradford, Teddy Bridgewater, Jarred Goff, and Tom Salvage are still better…”

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Did Keenum go into the NFL with the ideal situation? No. But he was given an opportunity to show what he could do. Case has had bad offensive lines, bad WRs and even worse OCs and head coaches, but everytime he showed what he could do, he made another opportunity for himself. Case got the opportunity to get on the field and show what he could do, I can not think of a fairer shake than that.


Case has fallen into the best possible situation with Minnesota. His maturity, knowledge and timing are paying off for him and he seems to be taking every advantage.


I hope Case’s Grandfather is still living to see what Case has been able to accomplish in an NFL that always seemed to push him aside!

I had a chance to talk to his Grandfather when we played North Texas at the opening of their new stadium - - and he was SO PROUD of Case! I will never forget that conversation.


One could also consider the way CK entered the NFL as a blessing in disguise.

There are many talented QBs who end up drafted into situations like Cleveland and never escape.