What if?


What if King had been healthy for spring and fall?
What if King had started the Arizona game?
What if we were undefeated after 9 games with King as QB?
Amazing how one player could make such a difference. The future looks bright, folks.

(G.W.) #2

We still have Pass D issues.


Agree. This bend but don’t break prevent defense should be played with a big lead, not as an every down defense.


We don’t lose to Tulsa with King at QB. You could argue we still lose to Tech and Memphis.

Against Memphis the qb was not the problem.

The Tech game was strange. They missed out on 13 points, and if you were to replay the game they probably catch a wide open TD and don’t miss two 35 yard field goals.

(Patrick) #5

We had issues with turnovers by our QB in both the Memphis and Tech games which very well could have changed the outcome.

However, by the same argument, if Arizona starts State in the opener, we probably lose that one.


This is all hypothetical of course, but Tate was ineffective against our defense. Running QB’s are not a problem. Our defense knows how to handle a spread running offense seeing as they practice against it all year.

(Patrick) #7

Tate only played a couple of series and threw one bad pick, but looked good otherwise. If he played the entire game, I’d be afraid of him picking us apart. Hes a much better passer than Dawkins is/was.

Still, assuming King also started, we probably put up more than 19.


If we played Arizona next, I think each team would score 50-60 points. They are much better offensively and so are we.

(Patrick) #9

Agreed. It’s almost like that game was last season with how much both have changed. Really looking forward to that game here next year.