What to Watch for As Texas College Football Returns

Applewhite’s main issue right now is figuring out this year’s quarterback. He’s got three decent options in Kyle Postma, who spent the past two seasons backing up Greg Ward Jr.; Kyle Allen, who helped to bring about the great Herman-610 Radio feud; and D’Eriq King, who had some explosive plays as a kick returner last season. Postma and King were injured during spring practice, so it’s only now that Applewhite and his coaches get a chance to get all three on even footing.

Applewhite says he wants the running game to come from his running backs and not be centered on his quarterback. He also says his goal is to get a scheme that fits his team and makes the best use of his players instead of forcing them into a scheme. We’ll see if he succeeds when UH faces UT-San Antonio to start the season.

This right here is very telling of what was happening when we kept running it up the gut for no gain or a loss last year. Even more so this should be reassuring to those who did not like CMA play calling last year because it was likely the agenda of our former coach.


Hopefully, he follows thru with that sentiment. It was frustrating last year to watch them try to turn Greg Ward into a drop back passer instead of allowing him to play to his strengths. The staff really tried to push Catalon as a star, but that fell through when he got hurt early on. Also seemed to rely on the same run-stopping defense without having the secondary players that they had the year before.

But, then, I think the goal of the last staff was to show that they could have a normal offense and aggressive defense that would play well at UT as they were recruiting kids for Austin, not Houston.


And he got away with it without anyone in the media saying a damn thing to him about it.

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