What's happening at Florida State?


I know this is a coog fan site, but just wondering what you think about FSU’s collapse. 35-3 drubbing by Boston College is ridiculous. Something must be going on inside the program. Any clues?

(Eric Prado) #2

No QB. Lost the starter in the Alabama game.

(Patrick) #3

There’s some staff issues there as well. Fisher has shown too much loyalty to a few guys.


Seriously? Starting QB goes down and they have no one who can perform? Well, now. UH is in better shape than FSU with all the 4 and 5 stars!


Jimbo is a garbage coach and incapable of ever winning, obviously. He needs to fire the offensive coordinator and bring in John Jenkins. FSU should have hired Todd Orlando.

(PMM) #6

UH should have also hired TO.

(Mark) #7

I saw Fisher’s buyout this year is something ridiculous, like 35 million. FSU is stuck with him for a while.

(James Duncan) #8

He won them a title during Winston’s last year in 2013. That should be enough to earn some good will just four years ago