Where are you watching the 1st round game?

(Nathan) #1

Let’s all post where we will be so we can get some good groups together.
I plan on being at Midpoint Bar & Eatery. I-10 @ Westgreen

(Mark Shapiro) #2

I will be at a Buffalo Sabres hockey game for a work function. :rage: Anyone want to join me?:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

(Mark Jacob) #3

South Lake Tahoe
Go Coogs!

(Ryon Adams) #4

Can’t. I’ll be working here in Hawaii.

(Robert Cahill) #5

I’m watching the game with my son and two nephews at Lucky’s Pub off St. Emanuel in Downtown Houston. I’ll be the one with the UH flag. Go Coogs!

(Brad) #6

Vegas, sports book yet to be determined.

(Marcus) #7

At my house. Had to plan our spring break vacation around the Thursday game.


Heard the Katy Coogs are having a watch party.


Watching in Florida while on a golf vacation.

(jimmyschofield) #10

I’ll be watching from my home in Atlanta. Glad I won’t have my kids. They always make fun of me for screaming as much as I do. lol. On a side note…am I weird that I like watching games alone?


I’ll be watching in a neighbor’s driveway with about 20 other dudes, most of whom are just casual sports fans and not necessarily Coog fans. We better win this game!!!

(Mark Shapiro) #12

I think that’s the only way to watch, especially when it’s a nerve-wracking game.

(Patrick) #13

Nah…you aren’t weird, Jim.

I’ll be at home…wife is sick so I’ll be taking care of her, the kids, and posting here.


Lucky’s is a good spot! I’ll be there…


If you want to be on campus for the game, The Den will have all TVs and sound on for the game. $4 Brew of H/ Cougar Paw during the game as well as their Thu specials ($3.5 select TX beers, $4 TX Spirits, $5 TX Teas). See you all there!


No I do it as well. Wife watches with me sometimes and she yells louder than me at bad calls by the AAC refs.


Watching from home in Vermont. 2 coogs living in Connecticut driving up to watch with me.
And my wife rarely watches games with me any more. She says I get crazy eyed and sweat too much.


SoCal…I’ll get off work early. …and I’ll go watch the shockers in San Diego…

(Shawn) #19

Buffalo Wild Wings on Washington.

Go Coogs. Peace.

(LeeH) #20

“South Lake Tahoe”

extremely jealous, one of my favorite places. you can probably make bets on them in the harrahs sports book.