Where does King end up?

Who’s he? Go Coogs…

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He is posting LSU stuff on his Instagram, so that gets my vote

I think that would truly be a leap of faith…

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Where does he want to end up? Probably Oklahoma.

Where will he end up? Probably an SEC school that doesn’t have someone firmly entrenched as their starting quarterback. Arkansas or Ole Miss perhaps.

It wouldn’t shock me if TCU is interested in him. But I wonder if he would be fired up about playing for that type of offense.

Who ever gives daddy the best package


At least one sportswriter gets it…

As for the Houston part of the question, tanking is never a good idea in college football because so little is guaranteed from year to year. I don’t envision many teams trying it going forward. But I’m not sure what Holgorsen was supposed to do when King — who had gone to Houston expecting to redshirt but wound up playing receiver as a freshman under Tom Herman — went to the staff last season and asked to redshirt.

From Andy Staples of the Athletic…snippet from paid site. Well worth the investment.

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First Team w/ Greg McElroy on ESPNU (Sirius XM) had a segment on King this morning. They started talking right as I pulled into work so I couldn’t hear it :frowning:

anyone catch that and can give a rundown?

TCU has run off all their other QBs by being 100% committed to Max Duggan. Patterson is building to try to win the Big 12 in 2021 and 2022. I guess some would say he tanked last season, lol!

Good post Shawn you guys should take a look at that interaction between Patterson and Gundy. Patterson does not seem like a talk just to talk and spread rumors kind of guy. The way he tells Gundy (paraphrasing) “hey this is an interesting story I know exactly where he’s going I’ll talk to you about it at the break.” This tells me there was tampering, it involved money, it’s been going on for a while, and more than 50 well-connected people know exactly what happened.

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I’m sure CDH knows what happened too

Since I do not know I am asking the following: What are the rules in regards to enrolling as a graduate transfer to be able to play? Can he wait to enroll in a summer semester / fall semester or does he need to be enrolled in the spring semester? I assume to participate in spring drills he would need to be enrolled and in class for the spring semester?? What are the deadlines for enrollment in the spring semester?

For normal student spring semester enrollment is most likely over. I’d guess “special rules” are applied for sought after athletic transfers. But to play, yes he only needs to be enrolled in the fall semester though If imagine that would not do wonders for his trying to start somewhere at an even slightly more prominent program, let alone an elite one.

I have asked this same question, still not sure but possibly not. Might only have to be accepted as a student and officially enrolled for future classes. Incoming freshman don’t have to take summer classes to be eligible for training camp which takes place before the fall semester starts.

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