Who will be the Greatest Coog Football legend ever in 5 years

(Will) #1
  1. Bill Yoeman
  2. Case Keenum
  3. Andre Ware
  4. Ed Oliver
  5. Wilson Whitley
  6. Elmo Wright
  7. Jack Pardee
  8. Wade Phillips
  9. John Jenkins
  10. David Klingler
  11. Art Briles
  12. Tom Herman
  13. Kevin Sumlin

  1. Coach


I’m not on that list, oh well…

(PMM) #4

11,12, and 13…Really !!

(John Simpson) #5

Kevin Sumlin? I didn’t realize inebriation was a criterion.


I’d put a punter on that list before LTH.


Drop the last three. Yoeman right now, but dependng on the next ten years, Keenum
has a chance. He might end up as our coach.


I Case continues to build on his success of last year, he has a shot as far as a national audience goes.

Then there’s Ed. Sheesh. The last time someone changed the nature of the DT position in the NFL, it was Refrigerator Perry, imo. Ed has the potential to re-write the book on interior linemen.


I’m going with Case just because Ed is still an unknown. I’m a little young for some of the names on this list, but I can’t think of anyone who has consolidated the Cougar fan base more and generated more excitement in Houston than Case Keenum did in college and now in the NFL. I will never forget him coming out of the Texans tunnel before his first start as a Texan. I get chills just remembering it right now.


I don’t know if I’d put Oliver that high up on the list yet. Too early.



Except for Yeoman and Pardee, and Jenkins for his tenure as an assistant (though he had forces working against him while serving as head coach), no coach deserves to be on that list.

(Keenum Era Coog) #12

Seeing mad disrespect for our Greg Ward. IMHO Greg Ward > Keenum, that Peach bowl win will remembered for a long long time.

(Alfred Matthews) #13

herman too low.

(Jay C.) #14

Yep. As much as we might not like to admit it, that dude gave this program new attitude and energy at a CRITICAL time.

Case is still building on his legacy, and I believe he will have a second act. Ed is still very early, but has perhaps the best chance of anyone at making the NFL HOF.

(PMM) #15

Lower than Whale doo doo ??

(Patrick) #16

McVea, Kolb, Ward should all be on there.


These are always tough. We’ve had over 125 All Americans and many NFL greats. It’s like asking which one of your children are your favorite?

(WRB) #18

Let’s get a little crazy. Ed catches Case in the next 5 years. Maybe not, but they are the only two on the list that have the ability to build on their legacy.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #19

I’m not necessarily saying it’s Keemun is in the lead, but just pointing out tHe only way I see Oliver passing Keemun in the next 5 years is if he skips out on the 2019 draft and comes back for his senior year and we win the National championship.

(Keenum Era Coog) #20

Not sure I understand this logic. Oliver has to win the National Championship and give up millions of dollars and Keenum didnt even have to win the conference to be the greatest? I am a fan of UH today because of Keenum so he has a special place in heart but come on…Keenum is behind Greg Ward in terms of accomplishments.