Why Carl Lewis believes he can help save track and field

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Why Carl Lewis believes he can help save track and field

In addition to coaching, Lewis paid to have Houston’s track resurfaced. But he still has a long way to go. Houston did not have a long jumper qualify for this year’s NCAA championships though it did finish second in the men’s 4x100. It was a very young team, though, and Lewis is looking well down the track where he so often passed opponents. He says he is developing athletes for the 2020 and 2024 Games.

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Good article.

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Thank you very much Patrick. Great article, I can tell you that overseas Carl Lewis was as big as Michael Jordan. I have a lot of reservation considering Usain Bolt. The recent doping findings only reinforce my personal belief that the Jamaican sprinters are not clean. Many track & field and actual medical experts have said that there is no way that Usain Bolt can be that fast. His body type/morphology should preclude him from being competitive in the 100 meters. I hope that this is not true.
When you look at sprinters beating their best in their late 30’s that only points out to doping.
You can also look at how sprinters change over time. Carl Lewis looked pretty much the same his entire career. That is not the case with many, many sprinters and…football, baseball, basketball players.
Yes, the body changes over time but gaining 30 to 40 lbs of muscle is not humanely possible.
Swimmers are also very suspect. Yes, they have better suits but breaking WR so quickly…