Why Did Cincy's Cumberland Sit Out?


Also agree. In the 1st half, I thought we were playing a C+ game, but managed a slight lead at halftime. The 2nd half, we played our A+ game. When we bring our A game, we are hard to beat.


If we play them again, it’s gonna be personal. They mad!


I’d argue that CDJ would be looking to drop 60 on them…considering Cumberland is holding his award.

(Glenn) #24

I was there .Hakeem put on a clinic for Joe . After being pulled ,Joe sat on the bench with a towel over his head and face .He was totally defeated . It was amazing .


Women love the bald look…

(Cougarpad) #26

David Robinson, Shaq, and Ewing felt this way as well when facing The Dream!


Joe Kline must have felt that bad Dream in the NBA because Hakeem still dominated him there…


Kinda looks like a poor man’s Bruce Willis in that pic

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #29

II think we broke Cumberland in the 2nd half. He was frustrated having Davis , Robinson and Hinton rotating on him and Jarreau played him better this time around than the last.
The shots he could take were 22 footers with a hand in his face.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #30

As for Joe Kline the crybaby chant in the Summit always comes to mind. Then poor JK had to face Dream again when when we were blowing through his Phoenix Suns to back2back championships.

(CoogDentist) #31

We ran Cincinnati into the ground. I think their plan was to get a big lead and hold on. They could not pull away and after we took the lead the momentum had shifted and they could not get it back. They are not deep enough this year.