Wish someone would write and article

About how an immigrant Indian woman beat a Navy Seal in the Texas land grab.

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I primarily see it as a reaction/ movement from all of us U of H Alums. We put the pressure on the Austin politicians to act on it. The common Texas citizen has no clue what the PUF is all about. This movement put to light what uta was trying to do. Fundamentally people are good. uta forgot that and continues to think they can do whatever they please. They have done so for decades. In any other State they would have been a lawsuit to break off the PUF and make it unconstitutional. Make no mistakes uta wants our demise or reduce us to a “minor league” University. We are getting bigger and bigger so they see us as infringing into their turf. Their business is a better word. This has nothing to do with education but about business.


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I’m familiar with the PUF boon-doggle but I feel like I’m missing some context here. What’s going on? Thanks!

Talking about Chancellor Khator, William McRaven, and UT-Houston.

It helped that McRaven took the “ready, fire, aim” approach.

Or the Bud Adams approach.

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I would love one of those oral history articles about this whole thing. Ton of personalities involved.

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