With 2 spots left?

(Ricardo Montano) #1

I’m curious to know with the two spots left in the 2018 signing class which positions do you guys want to see filled or more specifically which prospects would you guys like to see us get? I think we could use a DT for depth especially since we didn’t get Ezidore.

(Mike Higdon) #2

I would like to see us get another QB. I know Julon was called a QB in the paper since Amie flipped; but he was primarily recruited as an athlete - probably WR. The name being bantered are Tune and Locklin, both of which appear to be superior to Chance Amie to me. After than that, whatever the coaches think we need the most.


QB and DT. I hope we can get Shabazz Dotson DT from Cedar Hill. Tune has a good arm and seems athletic even if not as explosive as King or Smith.

(Ricardo Montano) #4

I’d really like to see Keondre Coburn and I don’t think it’s so outlandish to think he’d sign with Houston because of the familiarity he has with Ed, Marcus, a few other players and Coach Blum.

(Ricardo Montano) #5

He’s been very low-key about his recruitment but then again he said in some interviews he wasn’t that focused on his recruitment just his senior season. I think he’d be a great backup until EO leaves for the draft.


Deontay Anderson is down to UH or OU from a source from Manvel.

(Eric Prado) #7

Don’t see him on our offer list. Got any more info?

I agree on Dotson, I think another DT is essential. CMA mentioned so in an interview.


Coburn & Keys. Wishing these two with maybe Tune.


This would be a major win, because he’s local and very good. Plus, it means he has spurned, Judas (UT)


RB from Lamar (Henry) that recently reopened his commitment would add speed to the class.

(Patrick) #11

I’d like to see a CB, preferably a grad transfer.


They’ll sign in February, or it’s wide open until then?

(Patrick) #13

I believe they have to sign today as the early signing period ends today. Otherwise, they have to wait until February.

(Ricardo Montano) #14

He’s definitely explosive but it’s hard to gauge where he’s at it seems like he falls in love with every team that offers him

(Al) #15

Let’s hope we were the last ones to offer…


I’ve have learned to really distrust the ratings on most players unless they are clearly exceptional like Ed was in high school. Case in point is the fellow below who I’ve been keeping an eye this year. We offered him back in March and we weren’t the first. But since the end of the season he has received the offers below and his stock has climbed from .84 to .88. It’s like 247 adjusted their rating based on the offers.

(KFD) #17

Oh, but they are adamant that they do not do that.

(Paul Marlow) #18

Just realized that star rankings could be impacted by a position of need by the blue blood schools. For instance, if A&M and UT have a need for DT one year, he will garner more offers. If certain schools take less players at that position then the numbers from certain schools could skew certain players. For example, Mutin’s stock should have popped up with offers from Tech and TCU, but the recent offers were based upon need in filling out there class at that position.

(Balt) #19

Isn’t Deontay Anderson at Ole Miss since 2016?

(Al) #20

Anderson took legal action claiming he was misled about Ole Miss recruiters and took a voluntary redshirt this year after playing his true freshman year. His case is pending with the NCAA, but he is seeking a transfer. A 4-star. According to one media report, his case could affect other OMiss players who could also seek transfers.

Looks like a thorny case for the NCAA, but then again it’s the SEC. Interesting.