Women’s Volleyball

Excellent day for the team. Vastly improved over the last few years! Take down the Pac10 and the SEC in just one day to win the title.


The program took a nose-dive when they moved the home court out of Hofheinz. It must have been tough getting good players to sign when you had to tell potential recruits, “oh, by the way, we play our home matches in a practice facility”. Now that they’re back where they belong, things seem to have improved quickly. Hopefully Rehr can get them back to where Bill Walton had them in the 1990’s, when they were NCAA tourney regulars.


I fully agree. Excited to see Volleyball and Soccer back to their winning ways.


I understand we recently got a commitment from a Ridge Point player and if you follow high school volleyball you know that has to be good

Let us not let the volleyball team fly too far under the radar, either. The team is 8-1 to date. The team has a three match weekend - beginning shortly (10 am our time) and highlighted by a match against Bama in Tuscaloosa. That game is televised on the ESPN/SEC network 6 pm our time.


Went 2-1 in Alabama’s tournament; now 10-2 on the season. I think they deserve our support. They are going to be very difficult to beat going forward. Great job by the coaching staff and players.


If I understand correctly, the team begins conference play this upcoming weekend. As you note, worth following and supporting (as is the soccer team - who play tonight on ESPN+ I believe).

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Things are moving forward in both soccer and volleyball. My son told me we have a commitment from a Ridge Point volleyball star who is a junior.
Now get softball back in line and lady hoops going strong and we are set!


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