XFL Roughnecks - QB Gone

I was wondering why would he want to go there to be a 3rd of 4th string backup. Oh, he’ll make more money.


Kyle Allen just signed a 1 yr deal with the Panthers. Grier was their 3rd round QB pick and Teddy will be QB1. Unless he clicks with this offense, this looks more like a practice squad move.

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This move makes a lot of sense. Rhule coached PJ Walker at Temple too.


There’s no guarantee the XFL will even exist next year. It’s a no brainer to move to take anything offered.


Yep. And if he’s cut by the Panthers, I’m sure the Roughnecks will take him back in a heartbeat if the league survives.

I’ll add this: Walker was an exciting player, but he took a lot of big hits, it seems to me. He’s got to find a way to avoid that, or he’ll in IR pretty quick in the NFL.


Allen just traded to WASH for a 5th round pick

aaaaand there we go…

I bet PJ already knew that was going to happen before he accepted the deal.

Washington got a steal

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Looks like Jamis Winston might be available. They should make some phone calls.

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