You know who called the Offensive Plays in Hawaii?


I did. I predicated so many of them, I think Fresno State did as well.

(Drew) #2

I would love to know the percentage of run plays on first downs. Just load the box on 1st down, watch for short screen on 2nd down and play against the low percentage deep throws on 3rd & long. At one point in the middle of the 4th quarter we had 6 1st downs against their 26 for the entire game. Simply pathetic considering Applewhite was calling the plays.


We actually had mire passes on 1st down than runs. That’s primarily because of the final drive where we had seven first down plays, 6 passes and 1 sack

Surprisingly on our first 4 drives, the 1st play of each drive was a pass. But as the game went on, the 1st down plays became more runs, especially 1st down plays in the middle of drives

(G.W.) #4

When all of the secondary is playing up tight (LBs and DBs), how do you not go deeper on first down.
The screen passes play into their teeth. Same with the run.

Go over the LBs and loosen them up a bit.

Best, most consistent play was the deep slant. They were pretext in against the out passes. Even got a pick-6 on one.

Anyone other than Kendall know how to run the Briles O.

Btw, King throws a great ball. We just under-utilize his skill set. Even the announcers were saying what we have all year about rolling the pocket and giving him options. If we see it, and they see it. Then maybe our coaches should as well.