Your OC wishlist

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Since we are looking to hire an oc. Who do you think major should hire?

Kb is my number one target. We all loved ab offense and recruits want to play for it. He is a proven winner.

Sterling my second choice runs Briles offense…

Oc or qb coach from tech


Kendal Briles

(Eric Prado) #3

Someone who will takes us to a national championship next year


If it’s Briles, I’m out until Briles, Applewhite, Pezman, and maybe even Khator and Fertitta are all gone. Period. Spare me the “we don’t know if he was involved” BS, at the very best he’s an apologist for his father’s actions, and he’s shown absolutely zero contrition.

Other than that, I don’t really care. It’d be weird to see UH playing something that wasn’t up-tempo or under center, and I’d like to see us run something a little more pass-heavy, but realistically I don’t think the offense is going to change that much.


So we’ve gone over the Briles stuff before, it’s very volatile. So instead of re-hashing that heated discussion, lets just list our picks and leave it at that. Let’s NOT list who we don’t want.


yes let’s just not be negative and let this board be the big old kendal briles hugbox it wants to be


I guess that’s up to the Admin. Plenty of folks, me included, feel the way you do. Our University is to important to risk hiring someone who was close to a corrupt situation whether it’s a coach, a professor, or a janitor.


I don’t have a specific name but I would like someone that runs a balanced offense but one that is more sophisticated than what we currently run-more pre snap motion, deception, etc. I think to run a power spread like we run now you need a dominant run blocking o line but I’m not sure if we can consistently recruit at that level. I would take someone from the dabo swinney/chad morris coaching tree or someone who runs an offense similar to what tcu does.


I’d like us to take a look at Graham Harrell. Yes it’s Air Raid so I doubt Applewhite would look at him, but he does run a lot for Air Raid

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Air raid coaches (outside of Leach) are much more balanced these days.

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What about the previous thread?


My thoughts exactly. Holgerson offense today barely resembles what he was running here, it’s way more run heavy. Lincoln Riley runs a very balanced air raid offense that is both run heavy and successful. What sumlin was running his last three years at Texas A&M was a very balanced and almost resembled a prostyle offense. Very few air raid guys aren’t running a run heavy spread offense these days.


after the loss i did research on who id like at oc as briles is the only name i thought was good (on the football side) that i heard, to try and find someone not polarzing

i looked at the top 25 offenses in college football

Honestly, talking football only kendall briles is BY FAR the best option, there are only 3 other g5 OC still in place in their old job (not gone to a p5). unt and ark state .kendall’s on a pure production stand point blows them away and produced more wins than them

his numbers far exceed anyone that would even consider, not even accounting he has strong recruiting ties in texas and is a UH alum…

but the other 2 options with play calling experience:
Graham Harrell- UNT (leech seed, 1 years experience)
Buster Faulkner - Ark State (mtsu prior, gave g5 star qb brent stockhill his best season as a freshman)

if we go with somewith no play calling experience:

  • Zach Smith -Reciever coach at Ohio State- applewhites offense. he’s been there for 6 years should know the offense (also a top recruiter)

-Dennis Simmons- Oklahoma/ reciever coach- leech seed, flowed lincoln riley from tech, to ecu to oklahoma, should be familiar with the ou offense

-Kasey Dunn - Ok State RB coach- been with ok state for 6 years, he is familiar with what they do down there

Also noting that UCF just hired KB’s Brother in law (who was there too) and no one cares… it dont care briles publicly backed his father, thats his father. after looking at the stats and information, im on the briles train but id take any of the above.


Here are my choices - currently OCs at the schools indicated.

Troy Walters - UCF (if Frost doesn’t take him to Nebraska)
Darrell Dickey - Memphis
FAU is the next most prolific offense but I can’t support hiring their guy.
Sterling Gilbert - USF
Next most prolific offense is SMU but I think Craddock is a jerk and will not recommend him.
Buster Faulkner - Arkansas State
Brian Wright - Toledo
Graham Harrell - UNT (recommended by others too)


I would love to see my cougar brother KB back home! I played with him and he knows offense bottom line.


top 2 already took p5 jobs
craddock already in arkansas
we arent getting gilbert from usf has a pretty big salary there
brain wright has been fired once as an OC

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I’m going to type this real slowly. We are not going to hire anyone who was anywhere near the dumpster fire at Baylor. Period. End of Conversation.

As far as who I’d like, I think Graham Harrell might merit interest but I’m pretty sure Coach Applewhite has no need nor desire for my opinion. Besides, believe it or not, he knows more stuff than I do. Maybe, just maybe even more than some of you :/)


Why was he fired?


horrible offense at fau


Levine knew more than us too. But does Applewhite know more than others he is coaching against?