05/07 Game 2 at Wichita - 2pm ctl - ESPN+ (L 4-12) (Series is 1-1)

UH 2-0 in the 3d.
Arnold & Tulimero w RBIs.
Kyle LaCalameto pitching.

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this is actually game 2 today (saturday) - right?

Not a well played game so far. Misplayed balls and a caught stealing that really hurt. Wichita 6-4 in the 4th

4 to 6 in the 6th.

Our pitching remains bad. Only way we win is with hot bats.


9-4 8th…… Shockers

I promise you Ridge Point has a freshman pitcher who definitely could be in our rotation right now. Well at least he would have a chance.
The kid, who already throws in the low ‘90s pitched a 2 hitter today as RP advanced 1-0.
If our program wasn’t in the crapper we might be in the hunt.
But he is already committed to Texas.
Of course he could develop and go in the draft in 3 years.
But my point is that once upon a time we had the ability to recruit elite kids


Yeah, sounds like this kid will never find his way to campus…. If he has a good private pitching coach and stays injury free he will be drafted high….

I don’t know the kids size but I’m sure he projects favorably.

He’s a good sized kid, probably six foot or maybe 6-1. And yes he gets pitching lessons. Probably a high round draft pick

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There’s no way you can convince me we made a base-running blunder.

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LOL…which one?

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I like these under armor unis that the Shockers are wearing way better than any of the Coogs unis… I think Cinci has some similar old-school style unis, too… They’re slick.

And caught stealing… SMDH!

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Tulimero jacked that one!

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