1.35M per yr for 5 yrs?

That’s what I see as CMA’s salary. Same as Herman’s in year one. Makes sense.

That thread is ridiculous.

I sincerely hope that we’re willing to pay for excellent coordinators and staff. We’re saving over $4 million between Herm’s salary and the buyout. We could easily give Orlando and Naivar huge raises, for example.


I 100 percent agree, Brad. That is what help the old regime be successful. That and Greg Ward with some Ed Oliver in there.

Buyout is only for remainder of contract?

Yes, buyout is for the remaining value on contract.

JD brought up that if Coogs do well; they’ll extend contract and give him a raise, thereby increasing the buyout.

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Yurachek said at the press conference that the contract had a base salary of $1.5M per year.


Who makes the schedule? I hope we still throw out there a competitve schedule with an incentive like this

Buyout is for remainder of the contract, with a HUGE qualifier: 50% multiplier if MA were to leave for another Texas school. For example, let’s say we are 2 years in to MA’s tenure. Buyout would be $4.5 million for any non-Texas school, $6.75 million for any school in the state.

Athletic Director makes the football schedule, the basketball coach makes the basketball schedule. Not sure why that works that way.