1 awkward Month

The buyout doesnt come down till January 1st

even if we wanted to fire him we have to pretend like we dont for a full month, and let him do recruting stuff


whats the buyout after jan 1st?

19mil to 14 mil

Whens the transfer portal open?

A new coach needs to hit the portal well. Or retain the existing talent

If it doesn’t happened now I don’t see it happening. The portal is about to open. No way they wait a month just to get a new coach

Not how it works. We can hire someone tomorrow and keep Dana on the payroll, then fire him Jan 1


Where is anyone seeing the buyout coming down on Jan. 1. in his contract?

I haven’t seen it.

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Unless his contract considers that termination. My guess is it does.

I think they’d negotiate it. He could probably take the 14 million and walk, if he knows it’s coming.

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Our AD can negotiate this.

An agreement that the effective date is January 01 with Dana moving on next month.

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Why would you put that in the contract?

December 4, 2023.

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Tell him privately you are about to fire him and start meeting with coach candidates.

Just be up front with him.

Maybe he’d wave the month+ fee because he knows it’s fair.

If he resists…transfer him to the copy room for a month do he’s still technically "on the payroll "


I think it’s down to about 11 million January 1 2024.

So we’d save only 3 million not letting him go sooner,

There has to be a workaround. Anyone putting that contract together should realize waiting that long to fire a coach, before hiring a new one, loses tons of valuable time.

negative, I want him cleaning the toilets


We can not afford to wait a month.


duarte, released his contract information when he got the extension. its on his twitter somewhere

And that’s nothing against toilets.


It doesn’t matter now or Jan 1. It’s no difference

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