#1 LB in the country now considering Houston

I’m sure it’s a long shot, but it’s just fun to be in the discussion with these types of players. Would be a ridiculous, incredible get. 99.57 grade on 247, #1 LB, #4 overall player in the country.

If we can get him to campus, who knows, maybe CTH, Orlando, and Ed can close the deal.

Would be great to have him, Marvin, Chaisson visit officially at the same time. The three might decide to team up.

I am editing this to add: Moses tweeted in the spring that he loved the city of Houston as he was driving through on his way back from a relative’s graduation. So he has interest in being in this city for college, he just has to know that UH is right for him as well.

Ed Oliver plays splashed everywhere on ABC and ESPN networks is a big statement to a recruits potential at UH.

Was sooo great to see King, Oliver, Car, Wilder and others getting playing time. Speaks volumes to recruits

Not a long shot if UH gets an official visit.

We need to get into the Big 12. If that happens we can lock Herman down long term and take away the two biggest knocks being used against recruits on the trail.

I that true? Marvin Wilson and Chaisson have official visits on the same day/weekend? Wow. That could be huge.

I read it as a “Wouldn’t it be great if…” kind of thing. Happy to be corrected.

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No, I am wishing for that.

And he’s planning on enrolling early too? Herman and staff better establish that relationship quickly if they haven’t already!

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I like our chances if he gets to spend some serious time in Coach Herman’s office during that official visit. He’s planning to make his decision in early December, which means we should be undefeated and headed towards the CFB playoffs, hopefully with a Big 12 invite as well.

I think this is going to start happening more and more on the defensive side of the ball. What defender wouldn’t want to play in Todd Orlando’s super-aggressive defense? Especially linebackers. You can put up crazy numbers while winning lots of games.


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