$1 million per school NIL 'Players Era Festival' :Alabama, Houston, Notre Dame, Oregon, Rutgers, San Diego State and Texas A&M are all on board

Why isnt UNLV in this? It’s in their backyard. Seems odd.

Because they suck.

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Dedan can come watch his buddy Lath play real basketball


That is how the teams can commit to 3 years next year we will play in a different tournament at the same event. That is also what Sampson said a 4 team event in Vegas.

Only difference is that it might be two 8 team tournaments instead of two with 4 teams. They are trying to get 16 for next year.

Houston will play Alabama, Norte Dame, Rutgers per Basketball writer-- Matt Norlander’s reporting.


And the winner of each pod plan like a championship game?

I don’t think so

How will the “winner take all” 1MM prize be awarded if there will be two :two: pod winners?

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I don’t think it’s $1M to the winner. I think every team in the event gets $1M.

From the article

“Additional significant NIL opportunities (believed to be in the neighborhood of another $1 million) would be awarded exclusively to the winner or winners of the event, depending on the final bracket format(s).”


The way i thought it was setup was 1 million a school and 1 million the winner. So everyone gets a mill and one school gets 2.


I can’t imagine being 18 and thinking, if we win this game today I get $100,000.

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Correct 1 mil to all 8 schools and another 1 mil to the 2 schools that win the tournament.

Ah, gotcha. Guess I stopped reading before that part!

So we will play ND or Rutgers then Bama. Looks like Bama will be relying on a lot of youth and transfers so could be good for us early in the season.
Is Bama expecting Sears to return? A lot my hinge on that decision for Bama.

10 million dollars in reward money floating around a single College Basketball tournament. I can’t believe we’re doing this.

Undecided, it was seen as 50:50 before the combine but after getting an NBA combine invite, some think he might be leaning pro

The Formula 1 Las Vegas GP will be a week before too. I’m guessing getting around might still be a nightmare depending on how long it takes them to get all barriers down and streets back open.

I spoke with Matt Norlander about the Players Era Festival:

On YouTube (w/ time stamps)