$1 million per school NIL 'Players Era Festival' :Alabama, Houston, Notre Dame, Oregon, Rutgers, San Diego State and Texas A&M are all on board

Finally UH in at the start of a “cash cow”.

Anecdotal but on the mark for how popular/ ingrained (?) UH Men’s hoop has gotten.

Good friend in Htown w no ties to UH.
Her daughters who go to Seven Sisters colleges get lots of UH Hoop gear for Christmas.
How they represent the hometown amongst the Blue Bloods at Bryn Mawr and Vassar.


This is big time especially this part.

"Plans are to double the size of the field, sources told CBS Sports, with 16 teams as the target for 2025 and beyond. "Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, Michigan, Syracuse and Virginia have all engaged in discussions about potentially playing in 2025. If they opt in, they’d be joined by most (if not eventually all) of the schools playing in 2024, many of which have already signed up for a three-year agreement, according to sources."


im confused about this part … is it not a MTE? you are not allowed in the same MTE multiple years. did they change the rule?

another interesting note "Organizers are still weighing whether to have a single eight-team tournament bracket or two separate four-team multi-team events (MTEs). " i hope its 1 big 8 team tourney


From the article

“As a workaround, organizers of the Players Era Festival are intentionally attempting to break off different MTEs with different names to be played at different Vegas arenas in an effort to bring many of the same teams back for multiple years while technically staging them in separate events.”



UH blue blood!!!


Vegas Baby! This will be awesome!

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too early rankings

  1. Houston-

  2. Alabama- Preseason top 3 if mark sears comes back - top 7 otherwise (sears returning likley decides who is favored to win it all)

  3. Texas A&M - wade taylor, - basically last years team (almost everyone returns) but zhuric phelps instead of radford, and added Minnesota starting center (who is better than who they lost) preseason top 13

  4. Rutgers - almost a 100% roster turnover but 2 top 4 5stars, 2 20pt MM transfers -still 3 ships to give (desperately needs bigs)

  5. Oregon - roster is not that scary, but their coach is a winner. 2 5star freshmen who had just okay years last year, that could breakout

  6. San Diego State - insane roster turnover, no one particularly notable being added (think 10pt per from a10 type additions) but their coach and program are winners, no one would have guesses after last season that a team carried by jaedon ledee (Whose career average was 5ptsper his 1st 4 years) would make the sweet 16, but it happened

  7. Notre Dame- was terrible last year but all major players were true freshmen or and some sophs and they are coming back. no notable transfers, 2 moderately touted 4stars being added …

and i realize why it might be split… a&m/bama, and oregon/rutgers are in the same league, which might complicate things …but i hope it stays at 1 tourney


I don’t think Mark Sears is coming back.

He won’t be able to duplicate these numbers and he’s 22. Just like Shead he is gone!!! He’s only 6’1, too so leave when you can. Just took his team to a Final Four, too!!!

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That’s where the issue will lie / they better start including others outside the club or they’ll sue their way in - the Rich can’t keep thinking rich when it’s proven there are more others than them

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IF these dates hold. Sets up for an epic UH Roadie.

UH Football @ BYU on that saturday. (30th)

Hotels outside of the bigger names are reasonable for Thanksgiving week.

375 miles Vegas to Provo (south of Salt Lake)
Salt Lake City to Las Vegas is the Most Epic Trip in the US | Travel Insider.


This could be fun. My Sister-in-law lives in Las Vegas and we’re already going there this year for Thanksgiving. Her husband is a AZ grad. Roadie to Provo? Tempting.


Article updated.
“Creighton was the final school to join; it formally committed on Friday, sources told CBS Article updated.Sports.”



Good field

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updated the rankings

It is being reported now that it will be 2 pods of 4 instead of a 8 team bracket. Makes sense considering there are 2 Big 10 and 2 SEC schools. I bet they will put Aggy in our bracket because they might not want to put the 2 best teams together (us and Bama).


good catch, i just searched to see if theyve decided the split… looks like they have

Should it be two four-team formats, sources said the brackets are planned as such: Alabama (SEC), Houston (Big 12), Notre Dame (ACC) and Rutgers (Big Ten) would be on event; Creighton (Big East), Oregon (Big Ten), San Diego State (Mountain West) and Texas A&M (SEC) on the other.


Didn’t catch that part a game against Alabama would be exciting.

i hope we get rutgers the 1st round… likely not to challenging of a game, but its always great to see us future lottery picks and nba stars