#1 Reason Vesely (softball) should be fired

Good write up Lawbert. The lack of $$, most don’t want to hear that excuse. But it’s Real for sure. N no matter how angry the locals here get n want CTW gone, he will be back for another year imo.

With Coach Vesely’s contract ending and no buy out needed this is the time to get a new coaching staff. There are plenty of young coaches that would be available at the cost that is currently being paid or maybe even a little less.

Don’t double down on this staff because it is the easy thing to do. If this staff is kept the problem is at a higher level and the SWA and AD should be the people that are replaced.

As for the concerns over it being a minority firing the only group I put coaches in is “coaches”. Other than that they should be judged by their results (as the saying goes you are what your record says you are). The coaching staff members have been changed often lately. Lots of players have come and gone through the portal. Eventually the buck needs to stop at the head coach. We have reached that time in my opinion.

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Not sure if they could make it work, but I’m throwing a name out there. South Carolina HC Beverly Smith. She grew up in the area and actually worked for UH for a short time.

Is she fired yet?!!!

At the end of the day if the folks who monitors them aren’t held to the same standard why mess with them?

Not yet as they are still playing. Elimination game today. In the event it happens, she would be on my list of replacements.
Edit: She graduated from Westfield High in Spring.

I work with two dads whose daughters played on the team. They said there is little investment in the sports outside football and men’s basketball. They can’t get the old athletic alums to pony up the dough.

Recruiting classes are good and all but the facilities and resources are severely lacking in the negative revenue sports. Pez says he’s waiting on Big 12 money to invest, but when will that be?