#1 Reason Vesely (softball) should be fired

Not for being swept by Baylor 8 zip, 7-1, and 6 zip
Not for finishing last in B12 at 4-22
Not for failing to recruit D-1 athletes and pitching in particular
Not for zero social media presence about the team other than an occasional retweet,

BUT for an absolutely gutless display of coaching today. Bottom of the 6th, down 6-0. 1 out, nobody on for BU. She INTENTIONALLY walks Baylor’s best player for the FOURTH time today! If she has that little confidence in her pitching/fielders, she has no business being a head coach at any level.

Even the espn announcers, who never say anything bad about the coaches or players were embarrassed and were dumbfounded. I can’t imagine how the players felt.

I really tried to like something about this team and coach, but they have failed in every way imaginable. Hell, I’m embarrassed just for continually following them this year.


Since beating UT, Shelby Smith is 1-12. What gives?

Let’s just keep it to the numbers for now.
This years regular season record is 25-29. Eleven of the wins were against teams with an RPI of 205 or Higher.

The four top 100 RPI wins are:
Rutgers RPI 84 (lost other game to your former pitcher)
Texas RPI 1 (great win lost the other 2 games)
BYU RPI 51 (lost the other 2 games)
Texas Tech RPI 37 (lost the other 2 games)
The team lost every conference series this year.

Vesely hasn’t had a winning season in four years now with a current record of 89-119-1 over that span. 30 Games under 500.
Just for comparison Holas’ last four seasons at UH she had a record 129-99. 30 games over 500.

That should be enough of a reason to give a new coach a chance. UH has too much going for it to just continue to let this program suffer under this coach.


I’d give it one more year. In years past, Ves has scheduled for the RPI compared to ‘against’ the RPI like Whitting.

She also lost a huge chunk of her roster going into the B12 and had to load up with transfers. She’s holding players a lot more accountable now than in years past from games I’ve been to.

I’d give it one more.

How many years did she have to prepare for this??? 7 by my count. Plus her assistant years. She has yet to prove that she is a consistent recruiter and judge of talent.


What areas do you see having large improvements next year?
Isn’t her current contract expiring at the end of this year?
No way would I give her another year if I was AD. Eight years was plenty of time to judge her coaching ability and I for one am less than impressed.


Team pitching stats are absolutely horrendous.

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She signed a top 30 recruiting class for the c/o 2024. The AAC was one bid. Big 12 is a whole bunch of other bids. She’ll get there. She was one win vs UT away from a Super in 2018. 2019 was strong, 2020 was COVID. Downhill from there.

And it all went downhill when her own recruits took over. 2018 was a long time ago.


If you follow college softball recruiting classes you will know how inaccurate they usually turn out to be in the end. Even trying to accurately predict the top five in recruiting classes is hit or miss.

I am not sure how the amount of teams making regionals in the AAC is relevant to the coaches evaluation. All that maters to me is the last time we were one of those teams was 2019 (six seasons ago). But just for accuracy in the last five years the AAC sent: 2 teams in 2023 and 3 teams in 2022,2021,2019.

For a team with a history that includes actually competing in two Super Regionals and being one game from the WCWS twice almost getting into a Super Regional once in eight years doesn’t cut it (either does two regional appearances in eight years with the last one being six years ago).

To your earlier statement about her losing a huge chunk of her roster I would ask why did they leave?

Also if she has only been holding players accountable for the last two years what the hell was she doing for the first five or six years (taking that long to make the needed adjustments is another reason to get rid of her not to keep her).

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In her defense, when they got rid of her boss for holding players accountable and promoted her from assistant, they didn’t exactly empower her.

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We play UT on adrenaline - one win doesn’t mean much if you can’t sustain it


Mercifully the season is over. Lose to 7th seed Kansas 6-5. Made I’d close with 3 runs in the top of the seventh, but couldn’t quite pull it off.

Decision time.

See baseball…

Looks like BYU (solid win today against OSU) was able to make the switch to the Big 12 and still compete. I guess it can be done. Let’s get a new coaching staff so we can be competitive in the future.

If a change isn’t made soon, they just don’t care about the sport.

I would agree that if nothing is announced today or tomorrow the coach will likely be retained.

I think there is a lot at play here. If Pez keeps CTW, who did not make the conference tournament, he almost has to keep both Coach Hurley and Coach Vesely because of the optics of only minority firings.

That’s silly. Even if minority firing were a thing in the AD, and there is nothing to suggest this, who are the most likely replacements as women’s basketball and softball coaches? Most likely, not a white, male.

In any event, I have a question for you guys that keep complaining. How many of you actually go to these games, particularly women’s tennis, softball, or basketball?

The AD and the school are hemorrhaging money right now. UH is not going deeper into debt to replace staffs in sports nobody goes to anyway. It would be foolish.

Volleyball has been good for a while. People have been showing up. So the AD extended Rehr this past year. That’s good for the sport and good for finances. I wouldn’t be surprised if volleyball is paying for itself these days–at least it’s much closer to it than any other women’s sport.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t figure out the baseball situation. His new contract is short and not big money, so I believe it’s just a short-term fix until Big 12 money starts coming.

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I am hoping you are right, but you never know.

I used to go to SB games maybe 5-10 times a year. I have a season ticket to VB. I watch women’s BB a bit, but do not attend the games. I have posted that CH will probably stay because he is a good rep of the University and I agree.
Not much interest in tennis at any level, but do follow the results.