10/13 Top 25s/Underdog Dynasty - "Is AAC Still An Underdog Conf ?"

  1. SMU 21 CINN
    4 other AAC schools get votes.
    Tulane #26, Temple #28 in this one.
    Others Receiving Votes : Tulane 55, Iowa State 36, Temple 31, Wake Forest 25, California 20, Virginia 8, Memphis 6, USC 4, South Carolina 4, Texas A&M 3, UCF 3, San Diego State 2, Louisiana Tech 1
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LSU over Oklahoma? Not by my eye test.

Temple #25 in coaches poll. Smu #19, Cinn #21.
(others receiving votes seems to have errors, shows Cinn,Temple with 1 vote)

AAC is pretty dang strong. The rest of the country sees it a little more now because like 4 years in a row Temple would have a slow start to the season. They didn’t lose any dumb games early on this year. So people can see that they are a quality team. Now Tulane is a new addition to our strength. If we subtract Uconn we are literally as good as the ACC this year. Then there is a massive gap in ratings to the #7 ranked conference.
Part of me really thinks we should take the best three programs out of the MWC and then renegotiate our contract to an even higher payout.


“Historically bad teams that pepper the AAC’s landscape aren’t just relevant but are thriving. Temple, Memphis, and Tulane are all examples of this. Add in a few stronger programs historically, like Houston, UCF, Navy, and SMU and the conference is full of studs.”

(And yes, the AAC and ACC would be tied if UGONE were already independent.)



I don’t want to wilt anyone’s flowers but the SMU team I saw the other night is grossly overrated. In fact they were miserable. I don’t think they’re better than Cincy. And if they are then Cincy is vastly overrated, which I don’t believe.

I think Cincinnati is the best team in the conference.