10/7 Saturday CFB action

What a catch by Iowa State to score in the final 2 minutes against Oklahoma.

OU looking ahead to UT?

Iowa State upsets #3 Oklahoma at Oklahoma :joy:

Hee hee, Big 12 getting closer to not being in the playoffs again.

Man I hope the Cyclones plant that flag today.


Now to see Miami embarrass FSU

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I’m guessing they already wanted revenge on Herman when he was our coach, this probably just added more fuel to their fire.

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For anyone that missed it, O’Korn is getting his first start against Michigan State tonight.

UT and K-State going to OT.

Hope they go 7 OTs like the WMU game

Thought K State should have gone for 2 to win it.

Yep, a 50-50 hold call, then a BS hold call.

How was that not aiding the runner like we got called for?

Arizona beats Colorado 45-42


I kinda feel sorry for Cincy’s defense right now. They play UCF, USF and SMU 3 straight weeks.

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It’s UT. That’s why it was Herman’s dream job. The refs can save his butt more often.

Nice, good for us

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