101 KLOL Documentary

Anyone seen it?

I remember in Jr high and HS begging friends who would go to a concert to get the KLOL band stickers they would hand out.

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Weren’t those 97 Rock stickers that had the band names?

In the brush paint script?

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That sounds vaguely familiar…(narrator: He is considering deleting his post)


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I know KRBE also did some stickers with band names back in the day. Though likely not anyone who was played on either rock station.

Does it mention Bob Ford? I stole this from his Facebook page. On a person note: Bob was on the O’Connell Night Grade football team in Galveston that I assisted coached. Saw him recently and we reminisced about those days while he laughingly said “boy, you were a real ass#ole”. He’s also my cousin-in-law and I digress. Edit: his sister is a cousin-in-law

K101 was a gas!

I was on the air at 97 Rock the night Moby first hit town in Houston. He was driving some old, beat-up car…that he said was lucky to make it all the way to Houston. He lost his front fender when he went over some railroad tracks on his way to the station that night. I remember him saying “well, this ain’t startin’ out good”…

Little did we know…or even imagine…to what heights he would soar.

When I got off the air that night…the two of us made our way over to Fitzgerald’s (in my car!) for a few beers.

We were instant friends…and remained that way. Always.

From our days together at 97 Rock…to our days at 101 KLOL. Moby was doing afternoons…I followed him every day when I was doing nights…back in 1989. Talk about some fun times…and many, many laughs. You think he was funny on-the-air…you should’ve heard the stuff he said off-the-air!!

Cool to see…and not unexpected…all the tributes to Moby…and the memories he made for so many friends and listeners.

I was honored to be inducted with Moby last year into the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame…along with our 97 Rock alum…Hannah Storm.

We spoke earlier this year about getting together at this year’s induction ceremony in November. That’ll have to wait till sometime down the road.

God Bless You Moby. You were a hoot…and will never be forgotten!


Crash in your dash

Happy trails….

Used to listen to Bob Ford at night, I believe. Know his voice well.

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