11 blocks

Wow! We have been blocking a lot this season. Any specifics? Anyone coming to work with the team?


Lovin’ the block party!!


Turnovers on defense lead to this team at their best on offense and that is driving and on transition. This team is so athletic and needs to be running the court to be that their best.


We are a GREAT rebounding team, very good defensive and shot blocking team. We just aren’t a very good shooting team which I am surprised by.


The key to this team being successful will be creating turnovers and scoring on transition.



We are not a shooting team. When we had gray the team let the oppo concentrate on him and they played off it. When we had Corey they did the same. Time for coach to turn Mills loose and let the guys pick up the scaps.


Mills is only a freshman, but gee whiz he is a special one…Tries to get a little fancy in the lane at times, but if he continues to play like he has he should be New Comer of the year in the AAC…IMO he had an off night shooting against UTEP and still ended up with 17 points.
I told my son that if he had been clicking he might have scored 30…him and Hinton are special talents and no matter what happens this year our future is very bright…

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Mills will score 30 in game this year. I’m calling that now. He’s the ultimate example of being a terrific scorer without being all that great of a shooter. But he will get hot at some point and it’s going to be incredible to watch.


Yep, and he is a freshman and will have games he will not crack into double figures…that is the good thing about this team is that we have so many players who can step up when some have bad games…

Speaking as a fan and not as a coach I’d like to see KS just turn him completely loose for about 3 games…just tell him to light it up…see how many he could score.

Gresham is an excellent shot blocker, and Harris isn’t too far behind him.