12/10/2018-12/16/2018 Games of Interest

A little bit late, but here goes:

And Future Cougar OOC opponent schedules:

  • Utah State plays Alabama State at home on Saturday at 8 pm (last game before they play us on the 20th)
  • Coppin State plays at UNC Greensboro today at 6 pm
  • NJIT plays at Farleigh Dickinson Saturday at 6pm (last game before they play us on the 29th)

SMU plays Georgetown…I’d like to see the Coogs get some of that Georgetown down here in the Fertitta…

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UCF won 95-88 against Georgia Southern. Not sure how good GSU is this year and I didn’t watch the game, but 88 is a lot of points to give up. 57 of those came in the 2nd half, but it doesn’t look like GSU made a run in garbage time. UCF’s largest lead toward the end of the game was 8 after leading by 11 at the half.

I believe we tried and had a deal, but they tried to do a 2-1 deal in the end and we’re not going to do that. CKS mentioned we were close a couple years ago with them, among others, but the teams want to do uneven agreements.

A little off topic but I would love for us to continue home and home series with LSU. Both schools are relatively close and many of the contests have been close games.


Georgia Southern plays uptempo, they were 8th in the country in pace, but it was a bit of a surprise they were able to get UCF to play uptempo. UCF has a 17 point lead, ended up trailing by 3 in the 2nd half before BJ Taylor took over.

Not sure how good GA Southern is either; they’re 6-3, but their schedule is eh and they got routed by Arizona.

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Agreed, would like to see that series continue as well.

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Pretty solid OOC games this week for the American. If Cincy handles Miss St in Starksville, they should be the second ranked AAC team.



AAC is undefeated so far this week (in only 5 games). Hope it continues today and tomorrow.


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Memphis getting beatdown by Tennessee 10 minutes in. And all they can talk about is Penny. He’s 5-4 with lots of talent. Hmm.


For anyone else with Youtube TV, is there a shortcut, bookmark or anything to have all AAC basketball games appear at the top?

No you just have to select your favorite teams one at a time.

FoxSports App allows you to pick by sport and conference, so i open that to check out the days games.

On ESPN’s website, after clicking on men’s basketball and scores, you can click the tab on the top right to change to the AAC and then change the date at the top as well. Was just hoping for something to get the channels/games easier when on tv.youtube.

Gotcha. Life’s a struggle, man.

Drexler part deux

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Wow…Tennessee looks really good.

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I’ve watched about ten minutes of this game and have yet to see Memphis run an actual offensive set. What is Penny teaching them over there?

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Yeah, they look bad. Tubby Smith was a better coach.