12-Team Playoff Resurrection?

Well this would be huge. The “two years early” being less interesting than resurrecting the format. If they do this, it’ll be harder to go to a straight autobid format.

It’ll be funny and maddening if the SEC votes it down this time.



Expanding it before it comes up for bidding gives ESPN the inside track. Don’t be surprised if Warren votes No to protect his TV partners.

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One of the ideas floating around is that one thing that changed is that ESPN is willing to negotiate on the early rounds for those two years, giving someone else (maybe Fox) a bite.

So ESPN still gets the “top four” but Fox gets some playoff games too. At least that’s how it sounds to me, if there’s any truth to it.

Starting with 4 in 2013 to give it an aura of exclusivity cost CFP several billion dollars. People are nuts for this to happen. Coaches, fans, casual fans, everybody. Except Kevin Warren?

Hindsight is a great teacher. If they did 4 in 2013, 6 or 8 in 2014, etc., everyone would be richer. And fan engagement would be much higher. Who’s gonna sneak in at 12? Gotta watch that late season game between teams you don’t follow that you might normally ignore.

I wonder if we’re at a point where zero-sum comparative is all that matters, at least between the Big Ten and SEC. Like if something makes the Big Ten more money, but the SEC even more money, then effectively it makes the Big Ten poorer where it counts. This could be the dynamic between the Big 12 and Pac-12, too, though it might break down differently there since the more comparison point is with the $uperTwo.

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