14 FBS programs who won’t play an FCS opponent in 2022


2022 non-conference opponents : at UTSA, at Texas Tech, Kansas, Rice

Houston has failed to schedule an FCS opponent only three times since it began the practice of doing so regularly in 2005: in 2012, 2017, and 2020. Moving forward, the Cougars do have Sam Houston State slated for 2023 and 2028, but the Bearcats are set to become members of C-USA next year meaning they’ll be an FBS program at game-time. Houston has no other FCS opponents currently booked.


Would that be a good thing? It could help strength of schedule a little bit.

That 2012 team probably would have lost to the FCS opponent.

I hope it stays that way.


I am torn somewhat since the FCS schools really benefit from the paydays, but really don’t want to watch FCS-FBS games.

I think they (NCAA) should allow one FCS game at the start of each season as a warm up/preseaon game. The catch being that it does not count in the standings or towards any season results.