16 Team Playoff with 10 Auto-bids


If we were to implement such a system, here’s what it would look like in 2019.

No. 16 Miami (Ohio) (MAC Champion) at No. 1 LSU (SEC Champion)
No. 9 Florida (at-large) at No. 8 Wisconsin (at-large)
No. 12 Memphis (AAC Champion) at No. 5 Georgia (at-large)
No. 13 Boise State (Mountain West Champion) at No. 4 Oklahoma (Big 12 Champion)
No. 14 Appalachian State (Sun Belt Champion) at No. 3 Clemson (ACC Champion)
No. 11 Utah (at-large) at No. 6 Oregon (Pac-12 Champion)
No. 10 Penn State (at-large) at No. 7 Baylor (at-large)
No. 15 FAU (Conference USA Champion) at No. 2 Ohio State (Big Ten Champion)

Right now I have no interest in the CFI but if this were adopted I would watch all of these games.

Think about the boost in recruiting teams like App St, Boise, Memphis, etc would get if they could play for a national championship every year. Think about the drop in coaching turnover if these schools had a chance to play for a national championship every year.

P5 loyalists will bend over backwards trying to argue it would hurt CFB or it isn’t fair to ‘good teams’ (?) but excluding half of an NCAA division from championship play is total nonsense and should not even be considered.



I would skip Miami and LSU, App St and Clemson, FAU and The OSU (didn’t they play this year?).

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Admittedly didn’t read the article, but that is too many non-P5 teams. Sorry, but LSU does not need to run out against the MAC Champion unless they are undefeated and deserve to be there. There’s a talent gap folks… a big one.


Doesn’t the nfl only do 12? I’d stick with that but think 8 is still pretty good.

I’d go with 12.
5 P5 Conference Champions,
5 G5 champions, and,
2 at large bids.

Top 4 get a bye. Only guarantee into the playoff is winning your conference title. It also cuts down on the “invitational” aspect of it. All you have to worry abut is seeding and the 2 at-large bids. As for the Notre Dames and and BYUs of the world, let them fight for the two at-large bids.


Big as the ones between Georgia, South Carolina and Appalachian State?

I would watch Memphis-Georgia but would expect a worse outcome for Memphis than playing Penn St. Maybe Boise St-OU 1st half. Others I would pass on. Quarterfinals could be good matchups though.

I’m all for 8 team playoff with top 6 ranked conference champs getting an auto bid.

4 power conferences of 20 teams = 8 team playoffs (with first games being the conference championship games)

I’m for an 8 team playoff . . . . . top 4 from SEC and winners of other 4 P5’s . . . . .

My ideal way to do it since I actually like bowl games would be to go back to 4 top bowls which are used for the playoffs. Instead of seeding, keep the historical tie ins so the Rose Bowl has PAC vs B10, Sugar has Big12 vs SEC, Orange has ACC vs at large, and Cotton has G5 vs at large. Then the winners of these bowl games are seeded for the semis. Maybe even give the top 2 seeds home field to help fans with travel, then championship at neutral site.

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You either play FBS Div I or not? You win your conference and you have every right to be there. A P5 School does not like it? Why don’t you relocate yourself to the MAC? Has anybody thought about it? Of course not friends. This is about the money. Stagnant nobody give us a shot against FSU. All of the media pretty much ignored us. Even the game sideline reporter looked like he just went through a case of stomach flu. I had never seen a reporter with that type of look when he was interviewing our players and HC. On any day given day a Team can beat ANY Team. It happens often. That is why we love sport.


I agree. Why would a fan of a G5 accept not being at the table? What are we playing for? The extra tv revenue should be the only incentive to play for a P5.

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There will never be an 8-team playoff with the AAC getting an auto bid. Anyone who thinks that doesn’t understand espn or the p5. The whole expanded playoffs thing is a way of getting more p5’s involved.


The CBS guys today opined that The G5 should have its own National Playoff, apart from The P5 group.

Simply put they see The NCAA as having 2 different divisions, separate and not equal.


Doesn’t matter. If they are conference champions, they deserve the shot at the big prize. Regardless of all the ranting about being excluded, I always find it amazing when people want to exclude champions. When college football was great, winning the conference was important and college football will not be great again until that is again the case. Go Coogs.

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You can be sure that the firm of Esquire Smith/Smith and more Smith will jump on it. This days happens? This will be the end of College Football. The cfp is already a different division TucsonCoog. The g5’s are already excluded from it. It has to change by either automatic invites or a class action lawsuit.
Just imagine friends all of the g5’s banding together. Not only the vast majority of the country will be behind it but they will also demand it. The espn and cfp folks are betting on the g5’s fighting each other so another NYE contract happens. This has proved to be the best outcome for the P5’s. This is why aresco and the other G5 commissioners have to band together for a automatic bids to the cfp.

Couple of things:

First, if you’re going to compare everyone else against the best team in the country, the comparison will always be lopsided.

Second, you don’t account for the effect being invited to the party will have on some G5 schools. Don’t you think it will be easier to recruit some of the kids who choose P5 schools if you now have a better chance at Boise State or Houston or Memphis or going to the playoff than the kids at Vandy, Northwestern or Oregon State?

Third, the additional money infused into the G5 conferences will go a long way toward balancing things. Teams that cannot afford to upgrade their facilities, have to go on the road all the time to make budget, or cannot hold onto good coaches due to lack of funds might now be able to overcome that.

Point is, it’s silly to point to the way things are now and conclude that nothing could ever change. Things used to be different. It’s possible to go back if enough people demand it.


CBS can go ### itself. If anyone (and I mean one single person) is stupid enough to go along with a g5 playoff then they are too stupid to live in this hemisphere.


Dude if the G5 had Powerful friends, the P5 has even more powerful and wealthy friends. We talk of Fertitta as a real supporter and friend. Texas and A&M have a dozens of supporters like him.

If it comes to a fight like this I don’t see the G5 winning.

It took Orrin Hatch to get Utah into a P5. You want to break up the cartel, it’s going to take someone similar. I’m thinking someone like Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut. It’s a G5 state with no P5 school in the state.