18th in AP

Davis didn’t even have us in to 25



We win 3 games lopsidedly and lose the last one and we drop over 4 spots?


Good… Get these guys mad before the tourney.

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Can’t even take that seriously… What a joke!

Let me guess before looking… UT is still number 20…?

Because our conference gets zilch credit or love…losing to Memphis twice didn’t help things…with both being decisive losses.
That said, this should add some determination to our team in the upcoming playoffs. Frankly I hope we win all three of our games, win the title and clip SMU or Memphis out of an NCAA bid…


Losing to Memphis was not surprising. We had no big incentive, having already locked up the AAC championship. We were worn down playing our 4 game in 8 days. Memphis was playing for an invite to the dance.


What I can’t believe, and I am not a gambler, is that they they had us as favorites Sunday lol…I mean, we were coming off three games in five days and playing our fourth in a week…they beat us here by 10 points and they had all the incentive going into the game.
That’s a head scratcher…


We had been playing lights out…

To a point yes, but except for SMU and Memphis no other team has a chance to sniff at the Big Dance.
It’s funny to me that SMU smashed Memphis both times this year and beat us once and then we lose rather handily to Memphis twice.


Really, really want a 4 seed but looks like they’ll definitely need to get to the CCG game and will need to have some luck fall their way with the rest of the field coming back to them.

But if it’s a 5 or even a 6, mount up! It’s ride or die baby!


Tell me you only watch 1 game a week without telling me you only watch 1 game a week.


When Sasser and Mark were lost for the year, how many thought we would win the AAC or be a 4 or 5 seed in the dance? To be honest, I was a bit worried about our prospects for either. At that time, I would have been happy just being a middle seed. I also remember the years we were just hoping to make the playoffs, or even the NIT. Being spoiled is nice, isn’t it.


And they only have a chance of making it since we lost to them, the AAC when we leave will be screwed since its been flirting with 1 bid status for the last 3 years lmao


We can definitely beat Memphis…we jjst cant turn the ball over 15 times im one half and have 20 or more turnover.


I never waivered because I knew Shead and Fabs were the real leaders of this team… You can check my post history to verify.

I think we would be #1 in the country right now if both remained healthy all season, though.

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It’s about matchups !!

I actually still thought we’d be pretty good. I wasn’t sure if we’d win the conference, but I still think we’d get to 20 wins. I know a lot of ya’ll bag on folks that people who rip on media who bags on the AAC, but honestly…the AAC isn’t good. Outside of Memphis, SMU and us, its just not a good conference.

Wichita State is a good program, too.

They were up & down this year but that’s a good basketball program.

And Ron Hunter has a good program in Tulane…

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